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 Lijiang Weather in April

Lijiang Weather in April

Written by Chris QuanUpdated Mar. 4, 2021

Weather: In April, it is generally warm and sunny during the day. Most tourists will find the weather pleasant and comfortable. The weather at this time is some of the best of the year in Lijiang when it is sunny, dry and flowers bloom. The first half of April is one of the best travel periods. There isn't much cloud cover, and there are eight hours of sunshine per day. Expect blue skies.

 The Mufu in Lijiang Ancient TownThe Mufu (Mu Clan's Mansion)

The nightly low temperature is a pleasant 13 °C (55 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 26 °C (79 °F). It feels warmer than this because the altitude of the city is 2,400 meters (7,900 feet). There is a danger of sunburn.

There is a big temperature drop of about 13 °C (24 °F) at night. It rains about 11 days a month, but the total precipitation is only about 30 mm. Check the Lijiang weather forecast>>

Clothing: Prepare for the temperature drop by bringing a coat and dressing in layers. During the day, lighter clothing such as T-shirts, shirts and jeans is fine. If you have UV sensitive skin, keep covered up. Take a coat and head covering if you walk up in the mountains.

Altitude Sickness: If you stay overnight, you'll probably experience it. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is so high that many people need oxygen. You can buy oxygen canisters in Lijiang for about 1/3 of the price as on the mountain. Take precautions if you have heart disease or high blood pressure.

Things to Do in Lijiang in April

Jade Dragon Snow MountainJade Dragon Snow Mountain

See Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: It is only half an hour from Lijiang, and you can go up to the snowy peaks on a scenic tram. From the tram, you can walk upwards on the specially constructed stairways to 4,636 meters (15,210 feet).

Be prepared for a hard climb. A highlight is a small glacier. The high altitude scenery is beautiful and magnificent. It is something to remember, especially if you do the trek up to the scenic observation post.

Lijiang Old Town: April is a great time to appreciate the charming spring scenery of Lijiang when the flowers in the city are in bloom and the vegetation is green. Three districts make up the famed Lijiang Ancient Town UNESCO heritage site: the Dayan District in Lijiang city and the districts of Shuhe and Baisha to the north. Tourists enjoy the old architecture, eat the hearty Naxi high-protein meat and dairy dishes, and visit the popular sites such as the Black Dragon Pool.

If you walk towards the outskirts and go north towards Baisha and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, there are quieter and more traditional Naxi areas. You can reach Shuhe by bus or taxi (20 minutes). The little Naxi restaurants offer delicious authentic cuisine, and the prices are lower for meals and the local products.

Black Dragon Pool ParkBlack Dragon Pool Park

Visit the Black Dragon Pool: This park is only a kilometer north of Square Street in the Old City of Dayan. It is the most popular park in Lijiang, and it is noted for a beautiful view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a mysterious pond, and a small hill that people can climb to see the scenery. It is easy to reach on foot.

Lugu LakeLugu Lake

Lugu Lake: March is the best time to visit Lugu Lake with the beautiful scenery. The water is clear and clean and the surroundings are peaceful and beautiful. Flowers bloom on the lake shore, on the hills, and in the fields. Cycling around the lake is a fantastic thing.

Touring Lijiang in April

Shoulder Travel Season

The fine weather, spring scenery, and less crowds is makes early and middle April the best time to go to Lijiang before the tourism surges at the end of the month for the busy May Day national holidays. The rainfall increases at the end of the month as well, and the rainy season begins in May.

Hotel rooms and plane/train ticket prices are relatively low except towards the end of the month. Let us help you book accommodations and tickets. See How to Plan a Trip to Lijiang.

Recommended Tour Packages

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See other Lijiang tours for ideas. All our tours are flexible. We will make any adjustments you need based on your group size, time, budgets, interests, preferences, and other requirements. Contact us.

Lijiang Climate Information by Month

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