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Calculator for Palm Lines Reading

Written by Ruby ZhaoUpdated Aug. 29, 2023

There are five main lines on the palm in Chinese palmistry: the heart line (also called love line), life line, money line (also called fate line), head line, and marriage line. Different lines tell of different parts of life.

Now read your palm lines with a few taps in below chart.

  • Stretch out your palm.
  • Select (click/tap) all pictures showing the line types on your hand below.
  • Click/tap the "Read My Palm Lines button underneath.
  • Get your palm line reading result. (Some options are pre-selected.)
palmistry, palm reading lines, the five palm lines

1. Heart Line — the Longer the Better

The heart line is the line stretching across the hand directly under the fingers. The heart line reflects feelings, reactions, and emotional control in the area of heart. The longer and straighter it is the better.

Heart line starting from under the index finger
Heart line starting from under the middle finger
Starting between the middle finger and ring finger
With a big rise and fall
Divided into several sections
Crossing the life line
Straight and parallel with the head line

2. Money Line

The money line is the line that stretches from the wrist to the middle finger. It reflects one's fortune and money.

Money line clear and straight
Money line divided into two or more sections
Two money lines
Money line and life line start from the same point
Crosses the life line on the way up the palm
Ends at the head line

3. Life Line — the Longer the Better

The life line is the line that extends around the thumb. It is usually in an arc. The length of the life line has no relationship with how long one could live. It reflects one's health and physical vitality.

Has a big arc and looks clear
More than one life line
Has a small arc and is near to the thumb
Looks frayed near the wrist
Short and unclear
Long but separated somewhere

4. Head Line — the Clearer and Longer, the Better

The head line usually starts between the index finger and thumb (below the heart line) and then stretches to the other side of the palm. It usually looks like it's dividing the palm in halves and reflects a person's mentality and personality.

Clear, thin, and long
A big arc
Divided into two (or more) lines
Parallel to the life line from the wrist
Joining the life line under the second finger
Parting ways with life line in the middle of Palm
Heading away from the life line from its beginning

5. Marriage Line

The marriage line is a short line above the heart line starting immediately under the little finger. It reflects one's romantic relationships and marriage.

Some people have only one line in this place while some have several lines. The number of lines doesn't mean anything. Just read the clearest one.

Two equally clear marriage lines
Several marriage lines
Long and straight marriage line
Splitting in two under the little finger
Veering down

6. Sun Line(s)

The Sun Line: It is a straight line extending down from the ring finger, usually parallel to the money line. It pertains to fame and glory.

One or more sun lines
No sun line

7. Health Line

The Health Line (illness line): It is a line stretching down from the little finger to the life line. Having a health line is not a good thing as it indicates health problems. No health line means good health.

No health line
A single continuous health line
Health line divided into several parts
Health line like a chain
Circle at the health line's beginning
Circle at the health line's end
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