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Finger Reading — What Fingers Tell Us

Palm reading, also called palmistry, is not just about palm line reading and hand shape reading. Finger reading is a third step to palmistry, which particularly covers things related to the heart or personality. The length and fingerprint lines of fingers also relate to the person's fate: marriage, work, etc. as well.

Remember: "Your fate is in your hands" has two meanings here: be proactive not fatalistic.

Here we cover the basics of finger reading with how to easily read 4 key finger length characteristics and 11 fingerprint combinations.

How to Read Finger Lengths: 4 Key Types

1a) Index Finger Longer than Ring Finger

  • Strong in mind, unwilling to accept failure, and brave when facing trouble
  • Comparatively more selfish
Palm ReadingIndex Finger Longer than Ring Finger

1b) Index Finger Same Length as Ring Finger

  • Intellectual and smart
  • Strong executive ability
  • Good at social interaction
  • Upright and honest
  • Possessive about things
Palm ReadingIndex Finger Same Length as Ring Finger

1c) Index Finger Shorter than Ring Finger

  • Usually wrongly judges others' availability and characteristics
  • Strong probability of getting in trouble
  • Usually has a lust for beauty
Palm ReadingIndex Finger Shorter than Ring Finger

2) Ring Finger Same Length as Middle Finger

  • Sensitive to the arts and beauty; big likelihood of renown in the arts
  • Emotional most of time, especially in love and marriage
  • Comparatively low strength of mind
  • Good prospects of a happy marriage
Palm ReadingRing Finger Same Length as Middle Finger

How to Read Fingerprints: The 11 Whorl-Loop Types

Generally, there are two types of fingerprint patterns: closed whorls and open loops. Unlike in palm line reading when the focus is on the right hand, when we read fingers, we read the two hands together. Here we cover the 11 possible combinations of whorls and loops on a person's 10 digits (thumbs are counted as "fingers").

Palm Reading
  • A whorl has a center with concentric circular lines surrounding it.
  • A loop has lines stretching to the sides of the fingertip or ending abruptly.
  • Rule of thumb: More whorl fingers usually means more sensibility; more loops means more directness.

Type 1: 10 Loop Fingerprints

People with loops on all fingers are usually very straightforward and draw a clear demarcation between what to hate and love. Zero-whorlers cannot bear any tricks and usually are very vocal with their thoughts.

Pretending to enjoy social interaction usually makes them uncomfortable, thus jobs not requiring much cooperation are suitable.

Type 2: 9 Loops, 1 Whorl

If a person has nine fingers with loops and one with a whorl, he/she is second only to zero-whorlers for directness. He/she is ambitious and diligent.

However, with relatively poor luck, to succeed one-whorlers (or nine-loopers) need to work harder and resolve more troubles than others.

Type 3: 8 Loops, 2 Whorls

If a person has eight loop fingers and two whorl fingerprints, he/she is usually understanding and soft, and popular. Not very ambitious, eight-loop-two-whorlers are less seen in celebrity lists.

Two-whorlers who have their two fingers with whorls together on one hand usually have good luck, and people love to help them.

Type 4: 7 Loops, 3 Whorls

With three whorl fingers (and the rest loop prints), a person is usually very smart and rational. He/she can qualify for many jobs. Being a middle-level leader is not a problem, and it is where many 7-loop-3-whorlers find themselves.

Good luck is usually beside those with three whorls' fingers together in one hand.

Type 5: 6 Loops, 4 Whorls

A person is usually sensitive to art and feelings if he/she has six fingers with loops and four with whorls.

If the four whorl fingers are together on one hand, usually the person is very self-confident and picky and thinks too much. One-handed-four-whorlers look happy but usually feel lonely at heart.

If the four whorls are spread between the two hands, usually the person can easily find a balance between job and family. Two-handed-four-whorlers are understanding, smart, low-key, and popular with friends.

Type 6: 5 Loops, 5 Whorls

A person is usually sensitive to feelings if the number of his/her loops and whorls fingers is the same.

If the five whorl fingers are spread over two hands, a person is usually gentle and soft, has good relationships, and enjoys life.

If the five whorls are all on one hand, a person usually has more desires than successes and doesn't feel satisfied with his/her current life.

Type 7: 4 Loops, 6 Whorls

People with six whorls and four loops are usually oversensitive.

If there are three whorl fingers on the left hand and three on the right hand, six-whorlers are more outgoing, but usually are worried about unnecessary things, such as fearing that the sky might fall. They think a lot and feel insecure at heart.

If there are more whorl fingers on the right hand than on the left, six-whorlers usually act impetuously. Unless they get help from reputable people, it is not easy for them to gain renown.

If the whorls on the left hand are more than on the right, the six-whorler is predicted to have ambition, but more thought than action. He/she usually encounters lots of trouble in childhood, but life will be smoother in adulthood. They have good luck, and have the best chances among six-whorlers of achievement in work or business.

Type 8: 3 Loops, 7 Whorls

A person usually has poor/problematic social skills if he/she has seven whorl fingers.

If the whorls of the left hand are more than those of the right, the seven-whorler usually has bad temper. However, he/she is smart, diligent, and full of ideas, which is helpful for his/her business.

If there are more whorl fingers on the right hand than on the left, it is usually hard for the seven-whorler to be successful because of being oversensitive, mediocre or poor at relationship management, and lacking in helpful ideas.

Type 9: 2 Loops, 8 Whorls

If the whorl fingers on the left hand are more than on the right, the eight-whorler will seem easygoing, but will be picky at heart. His/her success rate is around 50%.

If there are more whorls on the right hand than on the left, the eight-whorler usually has strong self-respect, and thus doesn't want to make compromises for the interests of the group. This will bring him/her bad luck sometimes. He/she has a comparatively higher success rate among eight-whorlers.

If there are four whorls on each hand, the eight-whorler is usually very kind, but cannot expect much good luck. It would be very good if he/she could get help from a one-whorl-nine-looper, as that person is forecasted to bring him/her good luck.

Type 10: 1 Loop, 9 Whorls

A person is usually smart, aspiring, and rich in affection if there are nine whorl fingers on his/her hands.

If there are more whorls on the right hand than on the left, the nine-whorler usually has higher goals than he/she can reach. His/her dreams are considered unrealistic by others.

If the whorl fingers on the left hand are more than on the right, the nine-whorler is usually enthusiastic, optimistic, smart, kindhearted, and full of ideas. There is big possibility that he/she will succeed.

Type 11: 10 Whorls

If there are no loops on the fingers, a person is usually an iron fist in a velvet glove. Ten-whorlers are sensitive to the arts. Though their earning potential is not great, there is a high possibility of them getting renown.

What to Do with Your Palm (Finger) Reading

Reading fingers gives some reference points to a person's life and fate, but good luck nearly always comes together with effort in a successful life.

It is best to make use of our inborn strengths, while paying attention to our weaknesses and what might bring bad luck. This will lead to a good and happy life, no matter what finger lengths, loops, and whorls predict for us.

Besides, finger reading is only one aspect of palmistry. Read our other articles for a fuller picture and a more comprehensive palm reading.

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