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Enter Tibet From Nepal

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All tourists entering Tibet from Nepal have to apply for their China Group Visa in Nepal, through the consulate of People’s Republic of China in Kathmandu.

This policy is regulated by the border treaty signed between Nepal and China.

How to Get A Visa Application in Nepal

The China visa you get in Kathmandu is a group visa, which is valid for 30 days. A group should have at least 3  travelers. And you can also visit other cities like Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai with the group visa.

You need to provide your passport to your travel agency. Keep in mind that this visa application is compulsory, despite that you have already had a China visa issued in other countries.

You are suggested to find a travel agency to help you with the application and Tibet tour arrangement. Because you are not allow to travel Tibet independently according to the government policy.

To help you obtain a China Visa in Nepal, you will need to allow about 15 days for the visa application and get Tibet permits to be processed. It takes at least 2 working days to obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the Embassy only works on Monday and Friday. And it takes about 5 working days to get Tibet permits.

How to Use Group Visa

This visa is usually not placed in your passport, but is a sheet of paper that lists all of the names of the people in your group along with their nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers. This group visa is usually not able to extend. 

With the group Chinese visa, members in your travel groups need to enter and exit at the same time and the same place.

Fly to Lhasa, Tibet

Only with your passport and group visa in Nepal, can you board the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. And after you arrive at Lhasa, your tour guide will pick you up outside the airport, and give you your Tibet permits.

Hassle Free Tour with China Highlights

China Highlights can help arrange your Tibet tour, Tibet permits,and group visa from Nepal. You need to provide your passport to apply for group visa, and Tibet permits, at least 15 days before departure. 

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