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Mosques in Guilin

Written by Candice SongUpdated Mar. 30, 2024

Guilin Ancient Mosque 桂林清真古寺

The Masque was first built in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368). It was rebuilt for many times after destroyed in wars. Now it covers an area of 984 square meters. The temple is a quadrangle courtyard. The Bunker building is in the center. The left and right side of the building are the teaching rooms. The main hall is in the back of the Bunker building. The temple was used as a school, which is a treasure place for teaching and educating. In addition the local Muslim people, many other Muslim people come to the Masque to do prayer.

Address: 2 Minzu Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin (桂林市象山区民族路2号)

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Guilin Chongshan Street Mosque 桂林崇善街清真寺

It was recorded that the Chongshan Street Mosque was first built in in the late of Yongzheng Period (1735), Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). It was rebuilt and moved in Jiaqing Period, Daoguang Period and the Public of China. The temple is the combination of Chinese traditional style and Islamic architectural style. The major building includes the prayer hall, corridors, kiln hall, bath room and other facilities. The yard is small. The kiln hall conserves the Koran. The temple is the larger and intact mosque.

Address: 1 Chongshan Road, Guilin (桂林崇善路1号)

Guilin Maping Mosque 桂林码坪清真寺

The Mosque was first built in the 10th year (1671) of Kangxi, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). It has a constructed area of 1,127 square meters. The layout of the temple is novel, combining the classical ethnic style with the modern architecture.

The Masque is a quadrangle courtyard with simplicity and elegance. The major buildings include the main hall, teaching room, Bunker building, Tabu house, and imam room. It is a palace hall which precipitates Islamic history, education, art, and folk custom. It has witnessed a rise and fall of Muslim culture and history in Guilin.

Address: 1 Qixing Road, Huaqiao Street, Qixing District, Guilin

Guilin Xixiang Masque 桂林西巷清真寺

The Masque is also called Northeast Masque. It was built in the 13th year (1907) of Guangxu, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911), which covers an area of 1,000 square meters.

The Xixiang Masque is a two-entrance courtyard. There is a two-floor building in the yard. The first floor is the prayer hall. The hall is clean, bright and quiet, which is a good place to do prayer. The second floor is the teaching room. The top of the building is an octagonal pointed arch. In the back of the building is the water room.

Address: Xixiang, Zhengyang Road, Guilin (广西桂林市正阳路西巷)

Guilin Liutang Mosque 桂林六塘清真寺

The Masque was first built in Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). It is located in the west and opposite to the east, which covers an area of 1,424 square meters. The temple is a four-entrance courtyard. The first entrance is to the main gate. The second entrance is to the hall. The third entrance is to the teaching rooms. The fourth entrance is to the prayer hall, which is the place to do prayer and for imams to do chanting.

The temple is a typical construction of Qing Dynasty architectural style. It is one of the existing large-scale mosques in Guangxi Province.

Address: 17 Xishui Street, Liutang Town, Lingui County, Guilin

Guilin Luojin Mosque 桂林罗锦清真寺

The Luojin Masque was first built in the 30th year (1850) of Daoguang, Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). It stands in wind and rain vicissitudes and has gone through rise and fall. The temple covers an constructed area of 600 square meters. The main hall is a building-style construction with green round arch and reinforced concrete structure. The overall design is symmetrical, towering and solemn.

Address: Luojin Town, Yongfu County, Guilin, Guangxi (广西永福县罗锦镇)

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