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Happy Valley Beijing

The Happy Valley is located in the southeast of the Square Bridge (Si Fang Bridge), the eastern fourth cycle road, Chao Yang Region. It is the biggest theme park of Beijing.

Presently, the opening area occupies approximately 540,000㎡ which is composed of the following six theme districts: Fiord Forest, Atlantis, Lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, shangri-La and Ant Kingdom. In the Happy Valley, more than 120 experience items are set up including more than 40 recreation facilities, 50 humanity ecological landscapes, 10 more article performances and no less than 20 theme games which can meet the need of different groups of people.

The young people can enjoy the world’s six top recreation facilities such as the Cfystal God’s Wing and Titan Car. At the same time, they can also appreciate the romance and misery brought by Golden Mask Dynasty.

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Wild Fjord

Happy Valley in Beijing

The tour of the Happy Valley is started from Wild Fjord. There are the colorful sky walk, the shining Happy Square, the fashionable gate of the park, the beautiful Happy Opera and the thick forest which combine the sense of fashion and nature. It is also the traffic center where the pubic buses, private cars can be stopped. Upon entering the Happy Valley, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery by the little train of 19th century surrounding the whole park.

Lost Maya

Lost Maya theme area is based on the knowledge of archaeology, education, agriculture, and ecological groups in order to evoke our curiosity and to bring us into the civilization of the Middle America. Here also presents the image of Titan and the Disaster of Maya which embodies the flood scene. In addition, the recreation item, Titan Car, can drive people to the high place at the height of 15 floors.

Aegean Harbor

Aegean HarborAegean Harbor

theme area is made up of three parts: the old town disused by volcano, the new established harbor and the cultural relics. Through the story of Aegean Harbor, it extends the pictures of sports and the spirit of Olympics. In terms of the architecture, there are temples with the characteristic of the old Greek, the giant beam column and the small town. The humorous international-level performance can make you not help laughing. You can also enjoy the extreme recreation item to experience rolling in the upper airspace.


Shangri-La theme area is composed of three parts: the dreaming Shangri-La, the exotic town of Tibet and the quiet tea garden resting area. Recreation items: the Snow Golden Wing. The flying process is very exciting and risky. Looking down from the high place, you can see “the rolling cobra on the earth”,” the round walkway” and so on. Here, you can thoroughly enjoy the speed and romance.

The Two Heroes on Earth: it is the only space shuttle with two towers in Asia. The twp towers stand side by side. The chairs on one of the towers can burst to the top as high as 56 meters in two minutes. The other one fall down with top speed.

Ant Kingdom

Kingdom theme area is the most interesting region of the park. The ants can describe their animal friends, their dwelling place and around. Ant Kingdom can tell the children the relatively complex knowledge about ecology, creatures, species, groups in a very simple way. The exaggerating ant hills, the heavily cupped tyre marks, the over 10 meters’ high “grasses” all serve the children a happy dream paradise.


Atlantis theme area is the core region of the park which presents us the living scene of the old civilization. The giant steel frames, high mountains, flying orbits and transparent balls bring the feeling of the old civilization. The 69.98 meters’ high mountain here is the NO.1 artificial mountain in Asia and it is also the symbol architecture of the park.

The theme landscapes

The Overseas Chinese City Opera - one of the biggest theaters

The Overseas Chinese City Opera is specialized in its fashionable features. The beautiful architecture shape and naturally transitional, smoothing and sliding lines bring people great visual enjoyment. The opera can contain more than 1,500 people. 

Its function is very advancing. Except the great original performance, the Golden Mask Dynasty there are also various shows, galas, and international culture-exchange activities held for the audience.

The Happy Square - a special theme square for free

The Happy Square is the entrance of the park and is the transforming spot for the tourists. It is the very specific theme square that is offered for the city and is free for all the tourists and the citizens.

The Ecological Forest - the advanced bionics architecture art

Located in one selling and inspecting area of the park, the Ecological Forest is made up of bionics architectural art. Its architecture is so special that it not only becomes wonderful scenery but also protects the entering visitors.

The Living Art Museum of the Overseas Chinese City - the originate of art life

The museum is not only the place receiving the honored guests but also an art exhibition hall. It is fashionable and produces a clean sense of modernity which lays the basis of the entering tourists’ emotions.

  • Location: North of Xiao Wuji Road, East Fourth Ring Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing
  • Tel: 010-67389898, 010-67389898


Public Bus: NO. 740、840、752、657、29、713、822、743、753、801, getting down at Hong Yan Bridge, Zi Nan Home, Two Dragons Supermarket, the east station of Beijing Polytechnic university, then a few minutes’ walk

Golden Mask Dynasty

Golden Mask Dynasty is a large-scale musical epic drama staged at Happy Valley. The show is composed of eight chapters and over 200 performers, telling a fairy-tale story of war and romance through dancing, music, lights, acrobatics and costumes.

  • Performing hours: 17:30-18:30
  • Address: Houfengqiao South (in the southeast of Happy Valley), East Forth Ring, Chaoyang District 朝阳区东四环厚俸桥南(欢乐谷公园东南)
  • Seat pricing:
    A class seat: 480 Yuan
    B class seat: 380 Yuan
    C class seat: 280 Yuan
    D class seat: 200 Yuan
  • Getting there:
    By subway: Take subway line 1 to Dawanglu Station, use exit B, then take public bus No. 30 heading to Taozhuang and get off at Houfengqiao Station, and walk for 360 meters.
    By taxi: about 12 kilometers costing about 50 Yuan from city center.