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Beijing Weather in November

beijing weather in november

Weather: In November Beijing slowly begins to turn wintery, and the first snow usually falls in this month, but otherwise it is very dry. The average low and high temperatures are  -1 °C (31 °F) and 10 °C (50 °F).

Clothing: Bring winter clothes such as sweaters and a thick winter coat.

Beijing November Weather Data Graphs

beijing weather november graphs

Things To Do In Beijing In November

November is the month to remember in Beijing. As winter chills finally set in the city actually begins to heat up with hot new underground sites, out of town excursions. November plus Beijing equals a hot winter holiday.

See the Fall hues: Early November is a good time to see red leaves in Beijing.

xiangshanRed leaves in Fragrant Hills

Shihua Cave: If afraid of a little chilly weather, why not seek shelter in an underground paradise seen by very few. Shihua Cave also known as the Buddha Cave offers a 2,500-meter tour with stalactites and underwater streams galore. 

The over two hour tour route explores over 120 different landscapes, it is uniquely Chinese and no time is better than November to explore this hidden treasure.

Chuandixia Village: Just an hour’s ride outside of the city lies Chuandixia Village. This one of kind trek to “old China” with picturesque surroundings and lovely locals is one not to be missed. 

The cool, not quite winter, November weather welcomes the hike up the hills and passes. Dynasty-style courtyard homes and vistas that inspire snapshots and hand drawn artistry, which are available as souvenirs. Chuandixia in November is the place to be.

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