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Beijing Weather in February

Weather: Beijing’s coldest month is over, but spring is still around two months away. The weather is still cold and temperatures don’t get much above freezing. The average low and high temperatures are -6 °C (22 °F) and 5 °C (41°F).

It is extremely windy and dry in February. Beijing has little or no rain and February may see the year's first dust storms. Snow is rare but still possible.

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What to Wear/Bring for a February Beijing Trip

Clothing: A thick sweater and a warm winter coat are enough in general. If you go to the mountain areas around the Great Wall, bring warm walking boots, gloves, hat and scarf. To protect your skin, a good moisturizer is advisable.

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Tips for Visiting Beijing in February

bei jing The Great Wall in winter

The Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) may fall in early or mid-February. This is the best time of the year to experience authentic Chinese culture. However, the Spring Festival period is the busiest travel time around the country when trains and flights are fully booked days before departure.

The Great Wall in winter is often topped with a light sprinkling of snow. Though it is pretty cold, you can roam unhampered over the ancient steps and through its magnificent towers, without the high season crowds.

Beijing’s ski resorts usually shut at the end of the month. A few hours outside of the city center, Nanshan Ski Village and several other resorts present a decent skiing experience (upgrading for 2022 Winter Olympics).

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