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Baby Pandas — Their Growing Process

A baby panda’s growing process is interesting, but very difficult, because they are extremely fragile and can easily get sick and die. At breeding centers 90% of baby pandas survive nowadays, compared to no more than 30% in the 1960s. Read on to see how baby pandas grow up.

Born in Late Summer 

Baby panda Baby pandas

July to September is the period when mother pandas give birth. Baby pandas stay in their mothers’ uterus for just 3 to 5 months. All pandas are born very small.

New Born Panda Babies are Tiny, Blind, and Pink

When giant pandas are born, they are tiny, blind, and pink, with few hairs. The average weight is 100g (0.2 pounds), only 1/900 of their mother’s weight (compared to around 1/20 for humans). The lightest one on record was only 36g (0.1 pounds), and the heaviest one 210g (0.5 pounds).

The limbs of newborn pandas are so weak that they are not able to stand at all. For 2 months after birth, baby pandas basically only feed on milk, sleep, and poo.

The Growing Process

giant panda growing process

Cute baby pandas 3-month-old baby pandas

After 1 Week — Blackish Hairs Start to Grow

Some blackish hairs start to grow on their ears, around their eyes and shoulders.

After 25 Days — Black and White Look

Black hairs grow all over the neck and chest, and they have bigger dark circles around their eyes. At the same time, white hairs also begin to grow, which give the panda its distinctive black and white look. A month-old panda is around 2 kilograms (4 lb).

After 3 Months — Starting to Walk

Their limbs become stronger. They can walk as far as a meter (3 feet), but staggering, and sometimes falling over. They weigh about 5–6 kilograms (11–13 lb) by this time.

baby pandaA lovely 1-year-old baby panda

After 4 Months — Starting to Run

The pandas start to run a few steps, and love rolling about on the ground.

After 6 Months — Beginning to Eat Bamboo

They begin to eat bamboo. It’s about spring time and their growing process gets faster after 6 months. Male pandas generally develop faster than female pandas.

At One Year Old — Weaned but Continuing to Live with Mom

Panda cubs are weaned by the time they are one year old, and continue to live with their mothers for about half a year, until the mother panda is pregnant. 

If she doesn't conceive, the mother panda will live her cub for two years, and leave the cub to fend for itself. At one year cubs are up to 40 kg.

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