Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House

Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House

By Kelly PangUpdated Oct. 1, 2021

Anyone wishing to discover the culture of Ancient China should take a visit to Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House, located in the city of Nanjing in East China, serving as the nation's capital city on multiple occasions. This building stands as a testament to the greatness of ancient China. It sits in the Confucius Temple area, well-preserved throughout the centuries.


In its time, the Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House was used to extract talent for professions in the bureaucracy and the arts. This house served as the discovery place for notable artists, many of whom are still celebrated throughout China, such as Tang Bohu.

The imperial academy

During its 1,300 years, this house produced many of the men that would lead China, making it one of the most important establishments in the country.

With a rigid system to prevent cheating and bribery, soldiers and strict seclusion from the outside world guarded the students taking examinations. The building itself was designed to prevent intrusions from the outside world during examinations; it was equipped with layered walls with a passageway in-between to allow monitors to observe students.


This place is a wonderful place to visit for anyone interested in getting a taste of how life went on in ancient China. Anyone with a passion for history and learning will find this place to be one of their favorite sights during their visit to China.

Visitors leave exposed to the traditional way of life in ancient China, making their experience in the country more fulfilling. Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House is an excellent attraction for anyone, though, as it depicts a part of China that most visitors do not see, it is a wonderful way to enrich any journey to the country.


As it is located in a major city, Nanjing Jiangnan Examination House is easily accessible. Nanjing's subway runs directly to the Confucius compound, where the house is located, making it easy for those traveling without a car to visit. Taxi service and other automobile transport to the examination house are easily acquired, as well.

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