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Shijiazhuang Shopping - Best Places to Buy

Shijiazhuang is an important city in North China, with prosperous economy. There are many shopping large-scale shopping places in Shijiazhuang, providing more conveniences to travelers and local people in Shijiazhuang.

Shopping Plazas

There are numerous stores in every shopping plaza, offering all kinds of products including clothing, shoes, bags, house appliances, cosmetics, watches, jewelries, etc. Services for entertainment and catering are also available in these shopping plazas.

Xiantianxia Shopping Plaza 先天下广场

There is a super market on Basement 1, and the restaurants are mainly on Floor 6. The rest parts are sales floors. Most goods there are in high grade.

  • Address: 326 East Zhongshan Road, Chang'an District (长安区中山东路326号)
  • Tel: 0311-8593 6015
  • Average Price Per Person: 1,007 yuan
  • Hours: 10:00–22:00
  • Bus Route: 1

Beiguo Shopping Mall 北国商城

Most of the products there are in middle and high grade. It is a large-scale shopping mall very popular in Shijiazhuang City. The main building is one of the land marks in Shijiazhuang City.

  • Address: 188 East Zhongshan Road, Chang'an District (长安区中山东路188号)
  • Tel: 0311-8697 4448
  • Average Price Per Person: 544 yuan

Xinbai Shopping Plaza 新百广场

Compared with the products in two above shopping plazas, products in this one is more affordable.

  • Address: 139 West Zhongshan Road, Qiaoqi District (桥西区中山西路139号)

Shopping Plaza in Dongfang City Square 东方城市广场购物中心

  • Address: 83 Zhongshan Road, Shang'an District (长安区中山路83号)
  • Tel: 0311-8861 1818, 8861 1905
  • Average Price Per Person: 500 yuan

Parson Shopping Mall 百盛购物中心

There are only products including clothing, shoes and bags in the shopping mall. Around the shopping mall, visitors can find some places for eating and entertainment.

  • Address: 15 West Yuhua Road, Qiaoxi District (桥西区裕华西路15号)

Book Stores

Xishu Book Store 席殊书屋

It is a book store with nice atmosphere and elegant decoration. The books there have no discount.

  • Address: 269 East Zhongshan Road, Chang'an District (长安区中山东路269号)

Xinhua Book Store 新华书店

The book store is located at the right opposite to Beiguo Shopping Mall. Besides books, electronic products like cell phones and electronic dictionaries are also available there.

  • Address: Northeastern corner to the crossing of East Zhongshan Road and North Jianshe Avenue, Qiaodong District (桥东区中山东路与建设北大街交叉口东北角)