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Shanxi Museum


Shanxi Museum is the largest center for the collection, preservation, research and exhibition of cultural property in Shanxi Province. The museum has a fascinating collection of around 200,000 pieces of Shanxi cultural relics.


The display of the Shanxi Museum is related to the “Soul of Jin (abbreviated name for Shanxi Province)”. It consists of 7 historical subjects and 5 artistic subjects. The historical subjects include “The Cradle of Civilization”, “The Trace of The Xia and Shang Dynasty”, “The Achievements of the Jin Kingdom”, “The Melting Pot of Different Nationalities”, “The Relics of Buddhism”, “The Hometown of Operas” and “The Shanxi Merchants.” The artistic subjects include “Jades”, “Ancient Chinese Porcelains”, “Ancient Architecture”, “Ancient Chinese Currency” and “Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy”. These cultural relics are the most brilliant representatives of Shanxi's history and culture.



Exhibits in Shanxi Museum mainly cover the cultural relics of the Neolithic Age, of the Fang State in the Shang Dynasty and of the Jin Dynasty. In addition, cultural relics of the Northern Dynasty, collections of Shanxi pottery, opera relics of the Jin and Yuan dynasties and cultural relics of merchants of the Ming and Qing dynasties are all displayed here.

Feature Activities

Chinese Shadow Play: Chinese Shadow Play is an ancient and popular folk drama art in China. In order to popularize this form of art, Shanxi Museum often invites some Chinese Shadow Play artists to perform in the Exhibition Hall. Audiences can not only enjoy the performance, but also have the opportunity to perform shadow play in person.

The Making of Stone Tools: Stone tools are among the oldest of production tools used by human being. They seem easy to make, but they carry rich historical connotations. Visitors can watch archaeologists make stone tools or make stone tools in person, and get to know the basic knowledge of these tools.

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Travel Essentials:

  • Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (every day except for Monday)
  • Address: No. 13, north section of West Bin He Road, Taiyuan City (太原市滨河西路北段13号)
  • Bus Transportation: Visitors can take bus No. 865 to get to the museum.

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