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How to Visit Tibet with Children in Tow!

How to Visit Tibet with Children in Tow!

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 25, 2023

The world is never more wonderful and fascinating than it is in a child's eyes, and when you want your children to explore what the world has to offer, Tibet is an amazing choice.

Experience the wonders of Tibet with your family, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

Altitude Sickness

Tibet is the highest region in the world with an average altitude of 4,000 meters, and the deeper you venture into the country, the higher the altitude.

Altitude sickness is a serious issue that can lead to disorientation in both adults and children, and your best bet for helping your children deal with it is to take the trip slowly.

Do not fly straight into Lhasa. Instead, taking train to Tibet or by rented car to the city, taking plenty of breaks and stopping frequently. This gives your children a chance to get used to the thinness of the air. Your children will surprise you; they may adjust before you do!

The scenery along the Qinghai-Tibet railway is stunningly beautiful, with vast grasslands, crystal clear alpine lakes, deep gorges, and snow-capped mountains.

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Coach Journeys

When you are traveling in Tibet, you will largely be traveling by coach unless you have experience in the area and would like to drive. Coach journeys can be very bumpy, and if your child is inclined to be sick, remember to bring along motion sickness bags if necessary.

You should also consider choosing coach trips that are shorter and ones that promise stops on a frequent basis. It is often a good idea to travel with other families with children, as they will understand.

Before going to Tibet, ask your doctor for motion sickness pills that can be administered at need. Check>>Transportation in Tibet

UV Radiation

Due to the lack of atmosphere in Tibet, the sun's rays are very harsh, and they can damage your child's skin very easily if you are not careful. When traveling to Tibet with your children, make sure that they wear hats that will keep the sun off of their faces.

Long sleeve shirts can protect their bodies as well. On top of that, make sure that you pack high-powered sunblock, and that you provide them with chap stick that has a natural moisturizer in it, as this will protect their faces and exposed skin.

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When your children are very young, it is often a good idea to stay close to Lhasa rather than traveling to the more remote parts of Tibet. Lhasa is the urban center of the country, and if you require medical assistance and other aid, this is where you need to be.

Learn about>> How to Deal with Altitude Sickness


Tibetan food is known to be on the blander side, featuring yak butter and yak meat, and if your children are adventurous eaters, this will work out well for them.

Lhasa has its share of Chinese food establishments, and this can help if your children are looking for something else. More about >> Tibet Food

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Language Lessons

One of the great reasons to travel when your children are young is that it exposes them to new foods, new cultures, and of course new languages. The national language of Tibet is Tibetan, and it has a unique and lovely sound.

Before your trip, introduce your child to a few words in Tibetan and tell them to listen for it as they travel. Soon enough, your child will be learning phrases that can be quite helpful as they travel this foreign place.

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When you are traveling with children in Tibet, remember that the rooms that you will be booking, even in nice hotels, are going to be on the small side.

You cannot always guarantee that there will be space for an extra bed or cot if you request one.

The whole family can simply sleep in one bed if there is enough space, if but you are used to roomier quarters, simply book adjoining rooms.

These rooms are often connected by a door, making communication among family members quite easy.

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Things to Do with Children in Tibet

Easy on the Monasteries

While children can be entertained by nearly anything, remember that seeing holy places and monasteries can get quite dull for them. Remember what their boredom threshold is like, and be willing to throw in other trips as well.

The Potala Palace

The Potala is a must see for all Lhasa visitors, no matter the age. It would be interesting for your children to reflect that often the Dalai Lama would be younger than 10 years old when chosen to reign over the Tibetan people.

Tibetan Scenery

Tibet's lakes, grasslands, and mountains are some of the most pristine and breath-taking on the planet. Nam Lake and Yamdrok Lake are good choices, within a relatively short bus journey of Lhasa.

A trip to Everest Base Camp may be too adventurous however, and not worth the risks, even with the new railway making a visit possible in a day, due to hours on winding mountain roads to get there, and further altitude sickness risks.

Visiting Schools

When you bring your child to Tibet, one way to engage them is to introduce them to children their own age. Ask your guide to take you to a Tibetan school, where your child can make friends and see how children from another part of the world learn.

Seeing Yaks

Yaks are considered Tibet's national animal, and it is always a delight for children to encounter these gentle giants. Take your children to a yak ranch, where you can see these amazing animals in action.

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Dreaming of Tibet with Your Children

If you are planning a Tibet tour with your children, please see our recomended Tibet family tours for insperation:

Just contact us to design a unique tour according to your requirements. See more other Tibet Tours.

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