Chinese New Year for Kids: 7 Types of Fun
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Chinese New Year for Kids: 7 Types of Fun

By CindyUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Chinese New Year cannot be more exciting for every kid in China. Children wait excitedly for this important festival all year, because Chinese New Year is lots of fun.

Chinese New Year

7 Types of Chinese New Year's Fun for Kids

1. Winter Vacation

Many festivals come with national public holidays, and they are happy times for kids, as they get days off from school and a chance to have fun.

Chinese New Year comes with the long winter vacation (about one month), bringing much happiness to kids. The celebrations of Chinese New Year make kids still more excited.

2. Wearing New Clothes

Chinese New Year is the time for ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year. Chinese tradition believes that having a bath on New Year's Eve and wearing new clothes can bring fortune and health. Parents prepare new clothes for their kids.

Chinese New Year for kids

3. Spending Time with Parents

There are lots of children in China who board at school or live with their grandparents or relatives. Their parents are mostly migrant workers, who only come back home during the Chinese New Year period. So Chinese New Year is a great time for kids to enjoy their parents' long-missed warm hugs and company.

4. Red Envelopes — Kids' Lucky Money

Every kid has a chance to "get rich" at Chinese New Year, receiving red envelopes (money gifts in "lucky red" envelopes).

During the CNY period, children receive many red envelopes from parents, elder relatives, and visitors.

Red envelope Red envelopes

Some kids receive over 10,000 yuan! Of course, most parents help their children to manage the money.

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5. Fun with New Year Preparations

Every family in China does a lot of preparations for Chinese New Year, including shopping, house decoration, and New Year food preparation.

When going shopping for CNY, new clothes, gifts, and snacks for kids are indispensable.

Kids help to do some of the house decoration, including affixing door god images, putting up spring couplets, and putting up New Year paintings.

Many families, especially those in rural areas, prepare New Year food themselves, including New Year cake, glutinous rice dumplings, biscuits, and desserts. Kids enjoy the DIY time with their families.

6. More Fun with New Year Activities

lion danceLion dance

There are lots of special activities held in the Chinese New Year period, such as setting off firecrackers and fireworks, going to temple fairs, and watching lion and dragon dances. All of these are entertaining for kids.

7. Yet More Fun with New Year Visits

Most Chinese people are at leisure during the Chinese New Year period. During CNY, people either visit their relatives or friends, or wait for their relatives' or friends' visits. These visits bring kids many opportunities to enjoy trips with their parents and have fun with other kids.

The Bad Side of CNY for Kids

The Inquisition

Chinese New Year is the time for family gatherings and discussions. When different families get together, the elders like asking kids their heights, exam scores, and other successes, and making comparisons.

For children whose school life is a breeze, there is praise and admiration. But for kids who do not have a good report to give, there is blame and upset feelings.

Embarrassing Performances

When gathering, elders often ask kids to put on performances, such as dances, singing, or relating a story. But most don't really want to watch the performances. They just enjoy the children's embarrassment and poking fun at them. It's quite a hurtful practice for naive kids.

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