The Top 5 New Experiences in China in 2018
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The Top 5 New Experiences in China in 2018

By Kelly PangUpdate Mar.04.2021

China is on Lonely Planet's 2018 Top Countries list. It is the world's most interesting and fastest developing destination, with new experiences reaching completion every year.

We have found out the top 5 things for you to experience in 2018. Read on for some 2018 trip inspirations…

1. Explore More of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City has 9999 rooms, but not all are open to public. The newly opened areas should make a 2018 Forbidden City tour even more interesting.

You can see the empress dowager's living room and furniture in an original display from 200 years ago. Our tour guide will tell you some interesting stories about the emperor's concubines.

A newly opened western-style treasure house holds many cultural relics and historic documents. The many imperial Buddha statues in Ci Ning (‘Benevolent Peace') Garden can now be viewed. .

You can now explore the city wall and entrance building, offering you a different angle to view the Forbidden City from.

2. Experience the New 300 km/h Bullet Train — Connecting the Terracotta Army and the Pandas

Terracotta Army and Pandas

China's high-speed railway is developing very fast. Popular cities like Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai are already connected, giving you a recommendable and far-more-scenic alternative to flying during your China tour.

Xi'an and Chengdu are always two popular destinations, with the famous Terracotta Army in Xi'an, and cute giant pandas in Chengdu. In 2018, you can cross the ancient State of Qin (from which China is named) on a Xi'an–Chengdu bullet train.

3. Step on Top of Shanghai — the Highest Viewing Platform of China

Shanghai tower

Shanghai is a popular international arrival/departure city and China's largest city with 24 million people.

Shanghai Tower is the world's second highest building, but it has the world's highest observation deck. 

Open since July 2016, it's on the 118th floor, 583 meters from the ground! You can have a great view of super-modern Shanghai! .

4. Enjoy Better Access and Lighting at the Great Wall

Jinshanling: Better Access

The Great Wall at Jinshanling was once more closed for renovation in 2017, this time improving the cableway, roads, and paths rather than the wall. There now are more hiking routes and a shuttle bus.

The Jinshanling section, many say, has the most beautiful Great Wall scenery, with its winding walls and varied watchtowers. The infrastructure investments will give you a more comfortable and extensive experience.

Simatai Great Wall: New Night Tour Experience

Simatai great wall at night

You may have hiked on the Great Wall at Simatai, but have you see the beautiful scenery at night?

Simatai now offers a special night experience at the wall. You can either hike on the subtly-lit parapet, or view it from the stylish water town, hundreds of meters below.

This fantastic new Great Wall experience could include a night at a star-rated hotel below the wall. There you can have an unforgettable dinner, watching the Great Wall light up not far away. It's definitely a step up in Great Wall tourism.

5. Dare You Walk on the World's Longest and Highest Glass Bridge?

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

The newly-opened Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was very popular at 2017. If you haven't visited it yet, then don't miss it in 2018! See if you dare to walk on it.

Tickets to the bridge are limited to 8,000 per day, and only 600 people are allowed on the bridge at one time. The glass bridge is a prime vantage point over stunning Zhangjiajie scenery: precipitous pillars, primordial forest, and cloud seas.

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