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Weather in April

Donghu East LakeEast Lake (Donghu)

Weather: In April, the weather starts to get comfortable. It is one of the best months for touring. Fresh air and pleasant weather adds to the area's beauty. The average nightly low temperature is 13 °C (55 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 21 °C (70 °F). The humidity at 78% makes it pleasantly cool at night.

This city of 10 million enjoys the biggest lake of any city in China and its extensive gardens. The weather is better for seeing the gardens in April.

It is often sunny or partly cloudy, and there are generally gentle breezes. The monthly precipitation totals 131 mm, and it rains on about 13 days of the month.

Pollution: The Air Quality Index is good at 90. Check the Wuhan weather forecast>>

Clothing: Spring attire is suitable such as a light sweat suit. Seniors and those in poor health could wear a jacket or thick sweater. The sunlight is sometimes strong, so a sun hat might be a good idea.

Things to Do in Wuhan in April

Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival at East Lake Park

Wuhan Plum Blossom Festival Wuhan Plum Blossom Festival

East Lake Park is the best place to see the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, and Early April is the best time. This huge park is filled with gardens and trees, but Mo Hill's cherry garden is the best. It's nationally famous and one of the biggest in the country.

... And at Wuhan University

There are also blossoming cherry trees at Wuhan University. Wuhan is known for its big educational institutions with beautiful campuses, and this is the best. In early April, big crowds of students and visitors walk on the campus' lanes. It is on the shore of East Lake quite close to Mo Hill.

Learn About the Chu Kingdom over 2,000 Years Ago

Hubei Provincial Museum: There are thousands of artifacts and displays, and English signs. You can learn about Hubei and its long history. You will appreciate the ancient Chu artwork and the beautiful ceramics.

Touring Wuhan in April

High Travel Season

April and May are peak travel and tourism months. We can help arrange your Wuhan flights and train tickets and hotel rooms. The new, fast and inexpensive Shenzhen-Changsha-Wuhan-Beijing bullet train cuts travel time to only a few hours. Let us help you arrange travel details and provide a guide, private vehicle, and driver if you wish.

Recommended Wuhan Tour Packages

Yangtze Cruise

In addition to our standard tour packages, you can design your own itinerary for Wuhan and the rest of China. Tell us what you would like and we'll try to arrange it>>

Yangtze River cruise: April is a great time for a Yangtze cruise. Wuhan is a regular stop for many cruise boats.

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