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China Central Television Tower

China Central Television Tower

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Dec. 22, 2022


1 It is one of the landmark buildings in Beijing.

2 It is a comprehensive building that offers tourism, catering, entertainment, and radio and television broadcasting.

3 It is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers with the largest open observation platform among the towers in the world, which can provide a panoramic view over the Beijing City.

4 Besides, it has a revolving restaurant and post office there.


China Central Television Tower was built in 1987. It is 386.5 meters (1268 ft) high. It reaches 405 meters (1329 ft) plus the lightning rod. The observation platform is situated on the 22nd floor with a height of 238 meters (781 ft). It is the largest open observation platform among the towers in the world. It provides a panoramic view of the Beijing City. Besides, there is a 20-power automatic telescope for visitors. On the 19th floor, there is a post office. Visitors can send postcards with the special seals.

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Opening time

  • Visiting the tower: from 08:30 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.
  • Revolving Restaurant and buffet lunch: from 11:00 to 14:00
  • Revolving Restaurant and buffet supper: from 17:00 to 22:00


No.11, West Third Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing (海淀区西三环中路11号) 

How To Get There

Visitors can take city bus line 323, 374, 394, 944, 836, 631, 624, 809, 811, 40, 64, Special 8, Yuntong 102, Yuntong 103, Yuntong 201 and Yuntong 108 and get off at the Hangtianqiaonan Station (航天桥站). Alternatively, visitors can take subway line 1 and get off at the Gongzhufen Station (公主坟).

Revolving restaurant

The Revolving restaurant is seated 221 meters (725 ft) up in the sky. The revolving restaurant can be called "the highest restaurant" in Beijing city. It offers Chinese and Western buffet, and all kinds of barbecue. It serves more than 200 different kinds of dishes. Most Chinese dishes served there are Cantonese cuisine with roast pork and duck. The most popular western dishes are French and Italian food, such as baked snails and seafood in French-style, Italian pizza and pasta. The Japanese food served is famous for its fresh and delicate taste, including different kinds of seafood, sashimi, sushi and soup. The revolving restaurant makes one revolution every 90 minutes. Visitors can enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the panoramic view of Beijing City.


  • Lunch: 188 yuan per person (including including a ticket of 70 yuan for the Central Television Tower and a ticket of 85 yuan for the Pacific Underwater World)
  • Dinner: 298 yuan per person (including a ticket of 70 yuan for the night visit to the Central Television Tower)
  • Children shorter than 1 meter and accompanied by at least one adult consumer are free of charge.
  • Price for children with height between 1-1.4 meters is 99 yuan per person (including a ticket for the Pacific Underwater World)
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Underwater World

Beijing Pacific Underwater World is at the foot of the tower. The Underwater World consists of Cabin Walking Zone, Touching Pool, Penguin House, and Marine Fish Zone, Underwater Tunnel, Marine Animal Performance Pool, Mystic Sunken ship and Cinema. The Cabin Walking Zone has two parts: one is freshwater animal zone and the other is salt-water animal zone. There visitors can enjoy hundreds of rare tropical fishes and beautiful marine animals. In the Penguin House, there are more than 30 penguins. 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. are the feeding time for penguins. Visitors can watch the interesting scene when penguins are fighting for fish.

Opening hours: 8:30-17:00

Ticket price:

  • 90 yuan per person
  • Ticket package: 160 yuan per person (including a ticket for China Central Television Tower)
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