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Diaoshuihu Lake Scenic Area

It is a beautiful newly built scenic spot. There are chains of mountains, odd-shaped stones, quiet canyon and bubbling brooks.


Diaoshuihu Lake Scenic Area features mountains, water, forest, peaks, caves. The attractive scenery here is fetching in more and more tourists. On stepping into the gateway, a 10-li green corridor comes into your eyes; two mountains setting off one another, visitors walk in the valley bottom only to see green hills, which is like going boating on a green sea.

The highest peak of Changchun region is at the end of the green corridor and the solution crevice is under the peak. Seen far way, the four-meter dragonhead is the entrance; descending along 32-meter winding stair in the solution crevice, you go into a wonderful fairyland.

The solution crevice is the highest one in the northeast, has the largest fall in the northeast, and covers the largest area in the northeast. Especially, the 32-meter winding stair in the solution crevice can be reputed as "a unique in China".

There are many man-made scenic spots in the crevice: the Eight Immortals drunk in Yaochi, Lingxiao Palace, Buddha-to-be, the Goddess of Mercy, unicorns sending baby. Outside of the crevice there is beautiful natural landscape: odd-shaped stones, waterfalls, white pagoda, a sea of white clouds, 10-li corridor, etc. you can see a stroll of charming painting.