Ji'nan Vegetarian Restaurants

Ji'nan Vegetarian Restaurants

By Ruru ZhouUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Lixia District

1. Flower Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant Houzaimen Street Branch

Flower Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant Houzaimen Street Branch

It is special because of both the environment and the dishes. The decoration is also attractive with colored water lilies and oil paintings on the walls, and the black and white photographs of the shopkeeper and customers under the glass of the reception desk. All of these have simple and elegant characteristics which will make you very comfortable. The most attractive thing is that the dishes are quite fantastic both in appearance and in taste, especially those meat-like dishes made of vegetarian ingredients which are so real in appearance and taste that the customers almost believe that they really are meat dishes.

2. Flower Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant Quanle Fang Branch

Flower Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant Quanle Fang Branch

3. Foshan Yard Vegetarian Restaurant

Foshan Yard Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant, with a 10 year history, combines Buddhist culture with Chinese traditional cultures. It features vegetarian food, tea art, food therapy and healthy living. The environment is quiet and elegant which can make you feel very comfortable. You can hear Buddhist music or read books from the shelf when having meals in this restaurant. The vegetarian dishes are very fresh and delicious, especially the meat-like dishes which are highly spoken of by the customers. What’s more, the service is also enthusiastic and considerate which makes you feel at home.

4. Qishan Vegetarian Restaurant

Qishan Vegetarian Restaurant

The boss is a Buddhist who makes the restaurant very tidy and warm. The environment is simple, plain and very comfortable. The dishes are cooked very delicately and are delicious. There are vegetarian dishes for the customers on the first and fifteenth day of each month in the Chinese calendar. The dishes mainly have a light taste but the flavor has been thoroughly blended in. You can also surf the internet here for free. The meat-like dishes are especially fantastic. You can taste the "meat" (made from vegetarian ingredients) which is flavorsome without being oily, and very delicious.

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