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Nanning Muslim Restaurants

Xingning District

Nanning Muslim Restaurant

Nanning Muslim Restaurant is the biggest and oldest Muslim-style restaurant in Nanning that provides nearly all types of north-western style halal dishes. The nutritious dishes of the restaurant are famous for their authentic taste, with fine colors and flavors. The restaurant is notable for its Muslim-style appearance with two domes and is popular for its ethnic decorations. Travelers can have snacks and rice noodles on the first floor and dinners on the second floor. Moreover, the service is considerate and good.

  • Chinese name: 南宁清真饭店 Nanning Qingzhen Fandian
  • Recommended dishes: rice noodles with beef (牛肉粉), cucumber in a spicy sauce (凉拌黄瓜), braised beef with curry (咖喱焖牛肉), fried fresh crab with scallion and ginger (葱姜大闸蟹), crispy shrimps with spicy salt (椒盐虾), braised beef tendon (红烧牛蹄筋), steamed bass (清蒸鲈鱼), scalding shrimps (白灼大海虾), braised beef with potatoes (土豆焖牛肉), fried mutton with cumin (孜然羊肉), and sautéed water spinach (素炒空心菜).
  • Average price per person: 54 yuan
  • Address: 25 Xinhua Road, Xingning District 兴宁区新华路25号
  • Tel: 0771-2821381, 1355-8483838
  • Transportation: Take bus 5, 6, 8, 10 or 74, and get off at the department store.

Qingxiu District

Xinjiang-style Noodles Restaurant

Xinjiang-style Noodles Restaurant primarily serves Xinjiang-style flour food and other Muslim-style dishes. Xinjiang-style braised chicken is its specialty and is praised for its special flavor. The chicken is fresh and the free noodles that are served with it are chewy. The restaurant looks like a greasy spoon but the dishes here are great and cheap.

  • Chinese name: 新疆风味面馆 Xinjiang Fengwei Mianguan
  • Recommended dishes: stir-fried flat noodle pieces (丁丁炒面), handmade noodles with beef (牛肉面), handmade noodles with sautéed sliced mutton, onion, and green pepper (过油肉拌面).
  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Address: 6-17 Gucheng (Ancient City) Road, Qingxiu District 青秀区古城路6-17号
  • Tel: 0771-2652191
  • Transportation: Take bus 11, 23, 30, 33, 47, 63, 205 or 705, and get off at Wenwuyuan (Cultural Relics Garden/文物苑).