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How to Get to Mt. Everest Base Camp

As foreign travelers are not allowed to travel independently in Tibet. After you enter Tibet, transport to Everest Base Camp (EBC) must be arranged by your travel agency. To give you an understanding of what you can expect, we have summarized the trip for you.

  • The usual route to the base camp is: China–Lhasa–Shigatse–Tingri–EBC (Rongbuk Monastery)

mount everest base camp transportation map

Travel to Lhasa First by Flight/Train from China

There is no direct flight, train, or public bus to Tibet's Everest Base Camp (EBC). You will need to enter Tibet first, usually via Lhasa. This requires a Tibet Entry Permit.

This table provides a comparison of time-needed by air or railway to Lhasa:

By Flight:

  • Beijing – Lhasa: 4½ h
  • Xi'an – Lhasa: 3½ h
  • Chongiqng/Chengdu – Lhasa: 2½–3 h
  • Xining/Lanzhou – Lhasa: 2½ h
  • Kunming – Lhasa: 3 h

By Train:

  • Beijing – Lhasa: 40 h
  • Xi'an – Lhasa: 31½ h
  • Chongiqng – Lhasa: 42 h
  • Xining/Lanzhou – Lhasa: 21½–24½h

Other main cities have stop-over flights to Lhasa, e.g. Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou flights stop at Chengdu, Chongqing, and Xi'an. These flights usually take more than 7 hours.

We Suggest You to Fly to Tibet

Chengdu to Lhasa flight Great view of snow-caped mountains from the plane's window

It's much easier to book a Tibet flight than a train, due to the high-demand for a limited number of train tickets.

Altitude Sickness Considerations

No matter whether you take a plane or train to Tibet, it's hard to avoid altitude sickness.

Though the Qinghai-Tibet Railway gives you more time to acclimate, it goes much higher than Lhasa (5,072m compared to 3,700m), so lack of rest on the train may make your body more prone to sickness when you get off. It is better to acclimate in Lhasa.

Entering Tibet Via Kathmandu, Nepal

Currently the only way (for tourists) from Nepal to Tibet is by Kathmandu–Lhasa flight. You would have to apply for a separate Group Tourist Visa in Kathmandu first.

Lhasa to Everest Road Summary

Section Lhasa–Shigatse Friendship Highway (G318) Shigatse–Tingri Friendship Highway (G318) Tingri–EBC G318 + county/local roads
Road Conditions 6 hours on one of the best roads in Tibet: quite straight, few slopes. 4½ hours on asphalt/dirt road: winding in places, 1,000m+ of ascent 4 hours on asphalt/dirt road: winding in places, 1,000m+ of ascent

Strict Speed Restriction: 30/60 Kph

Tibet road

There is a strict speed restriction in Tibet. Vehicles have to stay below 60 kph (40 mph), even on highways; and are not allowed to drive faster than 30 kph (20 mph) when going through villages. So the average speed is only about 45 kph when driving in Tibet. This is about 50% slower than in mainland China.

From Lhasa to Shigatse: by Road or Rail

  • Distance: 270 km, 6 hours by road, 3 hours by train

There are four types of vehicles that you may use: bus, van, 4-wheel-drive (4WD), or train. Your travel agency will arrange a vehicle according to your group size and other requirements.

By Group Tour Bus

A bus is usually 19–28 seats for 9–22 people, to leave enough space for luggage.

A bus tour is cheaper than a private tour, but it usually takes longer to arrive at Shigatse as it stops at “attractions”. Group tour buses’ seats are small; you may be uncomfortable seated for 6 hours.

By Van


The capacity of a mini van is usually 7–14 seats for 5–8 people. The heating system is better than on a bus, and seats can be more comfortable. We at China Highlights usually arrange comfortable vans for our customers.

By 4WD

Many of the 4WDs used in Tibet are old now, and the heating systems don't work so well. Since the Lhasa-Shigatse road was asphalted 4WDs have been less used.

By Train

If you don’t want to take a 6-hour van-ride to Shigatse, you can ask your travel agency to arrange a train trip for you. You can take a train from Lhasa to Shigatse at 8:30am taking about 3 hours, or at 3:20pm taking about 2½ hours.

See Lhasa–Shigatse train schedule below:

Route Train  Departure Arrival
Lhasa-Shigatse Z8801 08:30 11:25
Z8803 15:20 17:59
Shigatse-Lhasa Z8804 12:05 14:40
Z8802 18:40 21:33

From Shigatse to Tingri by Road: 4½ Hours

  • Distance: 240 km

You can only get to Tingri by road. 90% is asphalted, but some is dirt. There are some steep and winding ascents and descents.

From Tingri to Everest Base Camp by Road: 4 Hours

mt.everest camp base Tent hostels at base camp
  • Distance: 120 km

From Tingri to Rongbuk Monastery, the good news is that the road is well asphalted now. But there are still many zig-zag bends that may cause car sickness.

After you get off at the base camp, you will need to take the shuttle bus or walk to the viewing point. During this short journey you can see the peak of Mount Everest in clear weather.

Tour Mount Everest with China Highlights

If you are interested in travelling to Mount Everest, check out our popular itinerary below for inspiration:

everestMount Everest

This customizable option includes the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, watching monks debating, and camping to see Mount Everest.

You can also contact us to tailor-make your own unique tour by telling us your interests and requirements. We will help you design your perfect trip.

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