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Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden

Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden

Written by Candice SongUpdated Feb. 9, 2021

Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden, located at Hanting District of Weifang city with an area of 10620 square kilometers, has been a culture exchanging window between Weifang and the outside world. Yangjiabu is one of the three Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting producing areas and Yangjiabu kites are also well-known. With a history of six hundred years, there two folk art techniquese are well preserved, developing and innovating at Yangjiabu. It consists of the Museum of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting, the workshop of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting, Kite Museum, the workshop of kite, and Hu Shiming (famous Chinese root carving artist) Art Museum.

Museum of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting

The history of Yangjiabu Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting dates back to Ming Dynasty, about six hundred years ago. The museum displays 1200 Woodcut Chinese New Year Paintings which belongs to 280 categories. Yangjiabu woodcut Chinese New Year Paintings are very adorable. Their themes are mainly about Chinese mythology, folktales, characters of Chinese dramas, lucky beasts and birds, which express people’s good wishes for the coming New Year.

The Workshop of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting

In the workshop of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting, tourists can see every steps of Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting making in progress. Witnessing a 600-hundred-old technique can be an impressive experience.

Kite Museum

The museum displays over 1200 kites which belong to more than one hundred categories. The kites were made during different periods of time. Tourists can buy the kite they like and fly it outside the museum.

The workshop of kite

In the workshop, tourists not only can see the procedures of making a kite, bout also can make a kite personally.

Hu Shiming Art Museum

Hu Shiming is a famous root carving artist in China. The museum is 1400 square meters, displaying the masterpieces of Mr Hu, including root carving furniture, famous China landscape carving and figures carving, which are delicate, elegant and lifelike.

Besides, there are Zhengbanqiao Painting and Calligraphy Research Studio, Yangjiabu Painting Center and Museum of Cultural Relics and Folk Museum, which are all worth a visit.

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