Nanguan Mosque

Nanguan Mosque

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021


Nanguan Mosque is located at Yuhuang Pavilion South Street in Xingqing District, southeast of Yinchuan city.


The mosque is the largest in Yinchuan. Continue to read about all of the mosques in China.

Brief Introduction:

The Nanguan Mosque has a long history. Toward the end of the Ming Dynasty, the mosque was originally located at the Gongbei Pavilion outside Nanguan District, and it was small in size. In 1916, the mosque was moved to Nanguan District and rebuilt into a classic, large-scale structure. During the 1960s, the mosque was completely destroyed. In 1981, Muslims raised funds to rebuild the mosque at Nanguan.

The main building of the rebuilt Nanguan Mosque is 26 meters high and faces east. The mosque covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. Its main building has two stories and a circular vault. On the second floor are a square Main Hall and balcony. The Main Hall can accommodate more than 1,300 people for worship at one time. On the first floor are a spatial shower room, a chapel, a hall of worship for women, an Arabic school, a bedroom for imam, an office, a reception room and other rooms. Winding corridors connect all of these rooms.

Five green hemispherical decorations stand at the center of the top of the main building. Among these five decorations is a large one in the middle with a diameter of nine meters. On top of this large decoration is a crescent-shaped decoration. The remaining four decorations are small, each three meters in diameter, and  distributed in four corners. From a distance, the green vault shines and is quite spectacular. In front of the main building is a staircase leading to the second floor. Flower nurseries sit on both sides of the staircase. In the middle of the front part of the main building is a fountain with a diameter of 15 meters. Many flowers and trees are planted around it. In addition, two minarets, each 30 meters high, stand at both sides of the fountain. In the mosque, tourists can also find many precious pines and other trees and flowers. In general, the mosque is compact in structure, neat in layout and magnificent in scale.

The Nanguan Mosque is famous for its unique, graceful structure and classical Islamic architectural style. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is also one of the most important religious sites open to the public. In recent years, many leaders and foreign friends from more than 90 countries and regions visited the Nanguan Mosque. Many overseas Muslims also attend worship here.


Tourists can walk to the mosque from the South Gate Square or take city bus line 1 and 11.

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