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 Zhengzhou Shopping

Zhengzhou Shopping

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jan. 12, 2021

Local Specialties

Miyu Jade 密玉

Miyu jade is named after its birth place Xinmi City. This kind of jade is hard with clear color. It feels tender and there is very little impurity inside. With its natural shine, it is a good choice as a gift for friends and relatives. There are 5 colors of Miyu jade, red, white, cyan, black and green. In all these five colors, the green ones are the most precious, which are also called Henan Green. The Miyu jade is usually used to produce small jade products and jewels. The jewelry and art work made of green Miyu jade are crystal clear and shining with its green color. They are popular home and abroad.

Lacquer Ware Made of Chinese Parasol 桐木漆器

The lacquer ware refers to the daily household utensils, handcrafts and art works with their surface painted in the lacquer. The lacquer ware made of Chinese parasol is a kind of folk craft with a long history. It is made of Chinese parasol and painted in Chinese lacquer. Craftsmen use traditional technique to make all kinds ornaments which are skillful in craftsmanship. The characteristics of this kind of lacquer ware are: their shape won’t be changed easily; they will not burst apart and they can bear heat.

Shopping Places

There are major three business circles in Zhengzhou: Erqi Business Circle, Huayuan Road Business Circle and Bishagang Business Circle.

Erqi Business Circle (二七商圈)

The business circle is located at a crossing with "Erqi" Memorial Tower at the centre. A toroidal gallery bridge links dozens of commercial buildings together as a large shopping mall. These commercial buildings conclude Beijing Hualian Department Store, Parkson, Dashanghai Mall, Dennis Department Store, Zhenghong Mall, Jinboda Mall, etc. And each of these commercial buildings has numerous stores offering all kinds of goods including clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, skin care products, foods, etc.

Huayuan Road Business Circle 花园路商圈

It is a business circle with top grade in Zhengzhou, located in the area between Huauan Road and Dongfeng Road. Products offering there are almost slap-up. There, several large-scale megastores line up each other: Zhonghuan Department Store, Jiashijie Department Store, Huayuan Commercial Building, Zijinshan Department Store, Zhengzhou International Trade Center, etc. Almost all the provincial government units of Henan Province and the headquarters of most major financial institutions (banks, insurance companies and security companies) are located in this business circle.

Bishagang Business Circle 碧沙岗商圈

Bishagang Business Circle is quite near Zhengzhou Commercial Building (188 West Jianshe Road). It is the most prosperous business area in west part of Zhengzhou City. Visitors can buy clothing, shoes, bags, food, and articles for daily use and so on there. Not far away the shopping area, there are Bishagang Park and Lvcheng Square, where can be a nice place for relaxation.

Book Store

Zhengzhou Book City 郑州图书城

There are numerous book stores in the book city. It should be the most popular shopping place for books in Zhengzhou.

  • Address: 99 West Longhai Road, Zhengzhou (郑州龙海西路99号)
  • Tel: 0371-6764 9284
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