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The Relic Site of Ming Dynasty City Wall Park

The Great Wall of the Ming DynastyThe Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty

The relic site of Ming Dynasty City Wall Park in Beijing starts from South-east Watchtower in the east, and stretches to Chongwen'men in the west. The reserved 1.5 kilometers wall ruin is only a small part of the Ming Dynasty city wall, which continues for 40 kilometers. The watchtower in the east is the largest corner watch tower in China.


Except for the remnants of the city wall and an imposing water tower, there is not much to see in the park. However, it is a peaceful and interesting escape from the busy city. Beneath the wall is an enjoyable garden with green trees, flowers, shrubs, and open spaces. Local people like to go to the park for morning exercises or leisurely strolls. At night, locals gather in the park for dancing. It is a good place to get a glimpse of the locals' lifestyles. 

History of the Ming Dynasty City Wall

The original Ming Dynasty city wall was 40 kilometers in length. It was built in 1419 with a history of over 590 years. The original wall was destroyed during wars; only Zhangyang Gate, ZhangYangMen Watchtower, DeShengMen Watchtower, South-east Watchtower, South City Wall and West City Wall in the city were preserved. In 2001, the government rebuilt the wall and set a park beneath it.


In the park, more than 50 types of nearly 1,000 plum trees are planted. In March or April every year, the park will hold a Plum Blossom Festival; tourists will enjoy this unique and charming event.

Travel essentials

  • Location: 9 DongBianMen, DongDaJie, Chongwen Gate (崇文门东大街东便门9号)
  • Opening times: 8:00am-5:30pm
  • Transportation: take buses T2, 25, 29, 39, 43, 44, 59, 434, 713 or 820 and get off at DongDaMen stop