Beijing Taxis - How to Take a Cab in Beijing

Beijing Taxis - How to Take a Cab in Beijing

By GavinUpdated Oct. 1, 2021

Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to get around a metropolis such as Beijing. Thousands of taxis run to and from every corner of Beijing to meet the demands of passengers.

Hailing Cabs

Calling for a cab: You can dial 96103 or 010-6873 3399 to call a cab, and an additional surcharge of 3 yuan is incurred for this service.

Written address: Have your destination and address written in Chinese characters in case there are communication problems.


Daytime (from 05:00 to 22:59)

A taxi fare in Beijing depends on the vehicle. On average, they start about 13 yuan for up to 3 kilometers during the daytime, and then the fare increases at 2.3 yuan increments for each kilometer. Five minutes of waiting time adds 2.3 yuan. After 15 kilometers (9 miles), the price per kilometer rises to 3.5 yuan. At the end, it is a good idea to ask for a receipt (发票 fā piào).

Nighttime Fare (from 23:00 to 04:49)

The per kilometer rates rise 20% above those above.

Additional Charges

Beijing taxiTaxis are a popular way to see the sights of Beijing.
  • Passengers may need to pay 1 yuan as an extra fuel surcharge.
  • Road tolls that are usually 5 or 10 yuan are paid by passengers.

For more information about taxis in China, see China's Taxis.

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Safety and Scams

Be aware that some drivers or people in fake taxis might scam you by overcharging or giving counterfeit money. Make sure that they turn on the meter, or they may charge much higher. Carry small bills and change to avoid fake money. Be sure that the taxi is official. There should be a taxi sign on the roof, and the driver’s registration card should be displayed on the dashboard.

If there is a problem, write down the driver's ID number, the license plate number or other information and keep the invoice. Tell the driver that you'll call the Taxi Management Bureau or the police. This will usually change their behavior. Complaint hotlines are 6835 1150 and 6835 1570.

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