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Jiayuguan Gliding Base

Jiayuguan Gliding Base is the ideal place to visit to enjoy a wide variety of flying or gliding activities. It’s an ideal place for these activities because of the vast amount of space, high visibility, regular air currents, and long hours of sunshine. The amazing views of the Qilian Mountain and Gobi Desert make it perfect for thrill seekers and casual visitors alike.

Perfect for Both Enthusiasts and Adventurous Travelers

Jiayuguan Gliding Base is great for both beginners and enthusiasts. The base supplies multiples planes, gliders, hot air balloons, and the equipment to support all the gliding activities. Enthusiasts can expand their skills with the help of expert coaches and beginners can experience gliding under the wing of professional pilots that are there to provide an excellent experience.

World Famous for Gliding Competitions and Festivals

The area hosts the perfect conditions for gliding, which is why there are many competitions that are held in this gliding base. There are also festivals that are held regularly on the base, making it a perfect stop for fans of the sport. It’s also fun for spectators as they’ll be able to see everything from base jumping, stunt parachuting, to aerobatics.

When to Visit

The best times of the year to visit the base is anywhere from May to October as the weather is perfect for gliding activities. It is also advised to see when festivals or competitions are going to be held to enjoy the gliding and flying events.

How to Get There

The base is located in Jiayuguan in the Gansu province. The gliding base is located at Jiayuguan International Airport, 12 km northeast from Jiaguyuan.

Nearby Attractions

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