4 Best Places to Escape the Summer Heat in Shanghai

4 Best Places to Escape the Summer Heat in Shanghai

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Jiuhua MountainsThe Jiuhua Mountains are old Buddhist temple areas

When it gets sweltering and humid in Shanghai, there are places nearby you can go to enjoy a cooler local. These include the islands, mountains in the region, lakes and rivers in or near Hangzhou, and the local water parks.

1) Islands in the Sea

Shanghai is on the coast of China, and to escape the city heat, you can go to one of the islands. Shanghai's Changxing Island and Chongming Island in the Yangtze River delta are the closest. Along with Chongming and Changxing nearby, you could visit Shengsi Island further out and Putuo Island and Tantou Island that are 100 kilometers south near Ningbo.

Each of these islands has a favorite tourist feature. Changxing is known for its forest and orange grooves and as a cooler place to get fresh air. Chongming Island is bigger, and it is the third largest island in China. Shengsi Island shown above, Putuo Island and Tantou Island are known for beaches.

Changxing Island (5 kilometers away)

Chongming Island (20 kilometers away)

Shengsi Island (50 kilometers away)

Shengsi IslandShengsi Island near Shanghai

Putuo Island (80 kilometers south)

Tantou Island (150 kilometers south)

Tantou islandTantou beach camping

2) Scenic Mountains

Anji MountainAnji Mountain for cool shade near Shanghai

Instead of heading into the sea, you can go inland and up into some beautiful mountains in the area. The main popular mountain attractions within a seven hour drive of Shanghai are the Yellow Mountains, Moganshan, Jiuhua Mountains, and Anji Mountain.

Along with these, there are also high mountains that are less well known by foreign tourists. These include Tianmu Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, and Yandang Mounain. They are all over a kilometer high (or over 3,300 feet). They are all within a four or five hours drive from Shanghai.

Moganshan (220 kilometers away, 3 and a half hours by road)

Anji Mountain and Bamboo Forest (230 kilometers away, 3 hours by road)

The Yellow Mountains (400 kilometers away, 5 hours by road)

Yellow MountainsThe Yellow Mountains are famed for hiking and scenery in China

Jiuhua Mountain (522 kilometers away, 6 hours by road)

3) Lakes and Rivers around Hangzhou

Fresh water areas not too distant from Shanghai for boating, rafting, and enjoying lake scenery are refreshing places to go in hot summer weather. In Hangzhou, there is West Lake in the city and Xixi right next to it for cooler breezes, and west of Hangzhou there is Thousand Islets Lake for boating and lakeside hotels.

Hangzhou West Lake (160 kilometers away, 2 and a half hours by road)

West Lake BoatingBoating on West Lake in Hangzhou

Xixi Wetlands (160 kilometers away, 2 and a half hours by road)

Thousand Islets Lake (330 kilometers away, 5 hours by road)

Thousand Islets LakeThe Thousand Islets Lake

4) Shanghai Water Parks

Shanghai has two big water parks. Maya Beach in Shanghai Happy Valley and Dino Water Park are some of the biggest in Asia. You can expect them to be crowded, especially on hot sweltering sunny days.

Both of these parks are new. Happy Valley's Water Park was built in 2009. Dino Water Park was built in 2011.

Happy Valley's Water Park

Happy Valley Water ParkHappy Valley's new water park

Dino Water Park

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For more info, see the Most Attractive Water Parks in Shanghai>>

Shanghai Weather

The sweltering weather is in June, July and August. Check the Shanghai climate and current forecast.

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