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Li Garden

Li Garden

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 1, 2021

The lake of the Li Garden ripples gently and green hills stand in the distance. Long corridors, embankment, arbors, pavilions in the garden are all exquisitely engraved with elegant and colored drawing. When lounging around the garden especially in spring, you will have a tender love for it.   

The present Li Garden is divided into four tourist and sightseeing area, namely, artificial hills covered with green vegetation, spring morning on the south embankment, long corridor with a collection of sightseeing scenes, and layers of waves with double images.

In the "artificial hilled covered with green vegetation's", there are boundless spring sceneries in the Sifang Pavilion; the path winds beside the water pavilion; take the lotus boat and you will "keep withering lotus and listen to the rain"; paying a visit to the fish bond can also make you "jump through the dragon gate and get the breaks"; the variation of Yiren Rock and the luxuriant woods and trimmed bamboos of Guiyun Peak will make you feel as if traveling in the universe.  

Li GardenThe Lake of the Li Garden

The long corridor of one-thousand steps in the "long corridor with a collection of sightseeing scenes" heaves high and low with zigzags. It is deep and shifty with rich gradation as if picture scrolls of "mountain rays shining on the threshold and water surrounding the corridor". The landscape in the long corridor is also quite varied from the doors and windows with the exquisite engravings to water platform with red flowers and green trees, all revealing the charm and gentleness of the Li Garden.

As the "layers of waves with double images" shows, it is the best spot to appreciate water in the garden. Ban Pavilion, Lvyi Pavilion, Chunqiu Pavilion and Shuimiao Pavilion, etc all center on water and demonstrate the graceful flavor of the lake water in the Li Garden at different levels. In the area of "spring morning on the south embankment", you can have a thorough appreciation of the spring scenery and smell the fragrance of flowers carefully. The Sifang Pavilion in the area can be called “of unique ingenuity” as the four identical pavilions built around the waters show the beautiful sight of the Li Garden with the construction form of "not fearing conformity but leaping out of conformity". Different seasonal flowers and trees are planted according to the color of flowers and seasons around every pavilion. The spring pavilion of "Yihong" is planted with plum trees, the summer pavilion of "Dicui" planted with dogbanes, the autumn pavilion of "Zuihuang" planted with sweet-scented osmanthus, and the winter pavilion of "Yinba" planted with calyx canthus. Standing in one of the pavilions, you will see the other three ones, which can be called "four seasons overlapping with boundless beauty".

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