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Great wall Protection — 5 Things Being Done

the great wall at jinshanlingThe Great Wall at Jinshanling

The Great Wall, China's legendary defense line, is the country's number one historic monument and a national symbol.

Although the vast majority of the remaining sections of the Great Wall were erected during the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall represents a collective effort of millions of people from many of China's imperial dynasties and pre-imperial states, dating back to over 2500 years ago. See Great Wall History

The Threat to the Great Wall

In the last century, due to various environmental reasons and human activities, about one million square kilometers (400, 000 sq miles) of land from Xinjiang to the Songneng Plains are changing from arable land into desert. This trend has led to rapid erosion and burial of the Great Wall. Also, large parts of the ancient wall, beacon towers and watchtowers have been damaged or dismantled by the uncontrolled activities of local people and developers.

Preventative and Restorative Measures

mutianyuThe Great Wall at Mutianyu

To prevent further loss of the architectural wonder and cultural heritage of the Great Wall, many people suggest that the Chinese government educate about the importance of preserving the Great Wall and enact laws to protect it. Below are a number of steps that the Chinese government has taken and some suggestions for individuals to consider:

Measures taken by the Chinese Government to protect the Great Wall:

  • Laws enacted to protect the Great Wall from further damage.
  • Funding for wall protection, restoration and maintenance.

What individuals can do to protect the Great Wall:

the great wallThe Great Wall at Jiankou
  • Plant trees to keep the areas protected from erosion.
  • Don't litter and graffiti / remove trash and graffiti to keep the wall looking attractive.
  • When visiting the Great Wall, do not leave behind anything besides your footsteps and take away nothing more than your memories.

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