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Guangzhou Facts

Guangzhou Facts

Written by Candice SongUpdated Sep. 9, 2021
Yuexiu ParkYuexiu Park

Name: Guangzhou (广州 Guǎng zhōu /gwung-joh/)
Meaning: 'broad prefecture'
Previous names: Panyu, Canton
Most popular food: dim sum


  • This has long been one of China's richest trading cities.
  • Guangzhou is a base for foreign merchants and traders.

Main Attractions


Sun Yat Sen Memorial HallSun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

The city has been a provincial capital city since the Han Empire era 2,200 years ago and a major trading port since about the year 226.

  • 206 BC The area became the capital of the Nanyue Kingdom.
  • 111 BC Panyu became a provincial capital of the Han Dynasty.
  • 1700s Under the Qing Dynasty, Canton became the biggest international trading port in the country.
  • 1841 The British Empire captured Canton.
  • 1938 The Empire of Japan conquered the city.
  • 1949 The Communists conquered the city.


  • Significance of city: international merchants center; China's third largest city
  • Nearby cities: Dongguan (50 km/31 mi), Shenzhen (244 km/152 mi), Hong Kong (134 km/84 mi)
  • Municipality terrain: Pearl River Delta and low mountains with the South China Sea as the southern boundary
  • Average altitude: 21 meters (68 feet)
  • Main rivers: Pearl River

Location Information

  • Municipality location: 22.26N to 23.56N, 112.57E to 114.03E, in southeastern China
  • Municipality Population: 12,700,000
  • Municipality Area: 7,434 sq km (2,870 sq mi)
  • Urban area: 3,843 sq km (1,484 sq mi)
  • Urban population: 11,000,000
  • Urban population density: 2,862/sq km
  • City center: Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (23.13N, 113.36E), in Yuexiu District


Shimen National Forest ParkShimen National Forest Park
  • Average highest temperature in July: 32.8 °C (90.9 °F)
  • Average lowest temperature in January: 10.3 °C (50.5 °F)
  • Humid subtropical climate with annual monsoons from April to September; annual precipitation: 1,735 mm (68.3 in). There is a sudden onset of the monsoon season involving rainfall and a change of temperature each spring.


  • Average annual income: (2008) 89,498 RMB (13,111 USD)
  • Development: developed; the per capita income is among the highest of China's large cities. It is an electronics and clothing manufacture center and a trade hub for international merchants.
  • CBD: Tianhe East Train Station (23.15 N, 113.33 E)
  • Shopping streets: Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Tee Mall


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