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Chinese Food Menus

beer fishBeer Fish

China is a country with incredible diversity in its cuisines. The differences were originally based around the regions where the tastes developed, but these days it is possible to enjoy the different styles almost everywhere in China. Read more about Chinese food.

We know that our customers want to experience the true tastes of China, so we have prepared these menus to help you to venture out of the hotels and tourist restaurants and into the places where the locals eat. The staff in these restaurants probably will not speak or understand English.

We have provided menus with the dishes written in English and Chinese characters. This means you can select the dish and use the menu to point to the name dish written in Chinese. Pronunciations are also included for you to listen for and ordering verbally.

It is customary in China to select one dish for each person at the table to share. This means that if you have 5 people, you may select 3 meat dishes and 2 vegetable dishes, but in the end it's up to you. See “How to Order Chinese Food”.

Points to remember:

baiqiejiSlice Chicken
  • Chinese cooking is very individual and the tastes and cooking style of the same dish will vary from restaurant to restaurant.
  • We have provided a many menus which give a cross section of tastes. Most restaurants will have a t least some of these dishes.
  • Our city pages introduce specialty dishes from e.g. Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Guilin, and some restaurant names and addresses are also provided.
  • We have attempted to provide Muslim and vegetarian suggestions and restaurants. Unfortunately kosher restaurants and restaurants catering to travelers with food allergies are almost non-existent in China. We have included some useful information which may be of assistance.
  • There are thousands of Chinese dishes, and though we have included many, please forgive us if your particular favorite dish is not included.
  • Try to establish the approximate prices when ordering. You can use our useful phrases download to do this. Occasionally unscrupulous traders may try to take advantage of this situation.

Chinese Common Dishes

Drink, Chinese Breakfast, Rice, Noodles, Soups, Main Courses. Read More Chinese Common Dishes.

China can be divided into many geographical areas, and each area has a distinct style of cooking. Find food menu of the major eight Chinese cooking schools.

Your Special Requirements

Those people that have people that have gluten and food additive intolerances can use the information below to explain to the staff at the restaurant how they should prepare your food.

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