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Xi'an Attractions — Top Places to Visit

Xi'an attractions are most famously of an ancient nature, notably the Terracotta Army and ancient capital architecture. They date back to the union of China in 221 BC by First Emperor Qin who had the life-size Terracotta Army fashioned to accompany him into the afterlife.

Xi'an's ancient architecture includes the City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Wild Goose Pagodas. Click to see the Top 7 Historical Attractions to Visit in Xi'an

There are also natural sights around Xi’an, like Mount Hua and the Huaqing Hot Springs. Sanmenxia (an hour away by bullet train) offers yet more ancient and natural sights.

Read descriptions of 46 attractions in Xi’an below. Our Xi'an Tours all take in the Terracotta Army and a variety of Xi'an's other top tourist spots. Our 1-Day Xi'an Highlights Tour includes top 3 things to do on Tripadvisor.