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Hong Kong Travel Tips & Articles

How to Plan a Family Tour of Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a tourist attraction for the whole world, and for kids and families from all over the world too! Amusement parks, nature, historical sites, shopping, hiking, beaches, or eating? Hong Kong has all these things to do and see.
How to Plan a 1-Day Trip to Macau from Hong Kong
Just an hour away, but quite different from Hong Kong, is Macau: the mega-resort and casino center that also has interesting historical sights.
Things to Do on a Stopover in Hong Kong
In transit through Hong Kong International Airport for a few hours or overnight? No problem, there are plenty of entertaining things to do from anywhere between two to 24 hours. Plan for a couple of hours to get through immigration, customs and store luggage.
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Top Layover Hotels in Hong Kong

This article gives you some recommendations on airport hotels in Hong Kong.

Cindy Tang
Hong Kong — Gateway to Mainland China

Hong Kong is a key gateway to mainland China. It is a "halfway house" between West and East. It is very convenient to travel from Hong Kong to the most fascinating destinations in mainland China.

Cindy Tang
10 Facts Visitors Should Know about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world's most popular tourist destination. It is also Asia's most popular and best shopping destination. Find out more.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
 Top Places to Experience Multicultural Hong Kong

Multicultural Hong Kong has at least five world cultures represented well: discover British, Filipino, South Asian, African, and Cantonese/Chinese places.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
10 Rooftop Bars in Hong Kong with the Most Magnificent Views

If you dream of piercing the mysteries of charming Hong Kong, enjoying its beauty, and getting a bird’s-eye view of it, then a rooftop bar is the best idea!

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
How to Plan a Pearl River Delta Tour from Hong Kong

Touring Shenzhen and Guangdong from Hong Kong is easier with new quick visa and no visa entry methods. Here are ideas for planning your tour and travel.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
16 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong — Top Tips

Here are 16 tips for tourists to Hong Kong from our experienced travel advisers. We can help you make your trip a good one and steer you clear of problems.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Hong Kong's Best Beer Bars — Paradise for Beer Lovers

Awesome news for Hong Kong beer lovers: more and more bars and pubs are opening everyday offering a great variety of first-rate craft tipples.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Top Art Galleries in Hong Kong

Enjoy Hong Kong's exciting, fascinating modern art. The great variety of galleries will not leave anyone indifferent.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Touring Hong Kong by MTR Subway and Tram

Using the Hong Kong MTR and Hong Kong Island Tram for touring: top tips, routes, and places to go.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
The Top 10 Theaters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's theaters show its cultural heritage and cross-border acceptance, performing Chinese operas, Shakespeare, comedy...

Tour Planning

Articles on Planning a Hong Kong Tour

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Best of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Best Things/Activities to Do

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Traveling Tips For Hong Kong's Typhoon Season

In summer and early fall HK may experience typhoon weather. Rarely severe, they may affect travel plans. Come prepared not scared.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Top 5 English Speaking Churches in Hong Kong

English-speakers are spoiled for choice for churches in Hong Kong. Here we narrow it down to five...

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
The Five Best Mountain Bike Tracks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's best mountain bike tracks for skilled and fit riders + the Olympic Trail for those less skilled.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Lamma Island's Best Bike Routes

Little Lamma Island in Hong Kong has good biking routes prepared by mountain bikers. It doesn't allow vehicles, and has a biking culture bikers will love.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Hong Kong's Top Mountain Bike Route: the Tai Mo Shan Downhill

The Tai Mo Shan Downhill is Hong Kong local mountain bikers' top pick. It is a partly improved bike track down Tai Mo Mountain.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Five Top Multi-Level Cycling Routes Around Hong Kong

This pick of Hong Kong's five best cycling routes range from rugged mountain biking to pleasant urban cycling.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
 Hong Kong’s Restaurant Culture

Introducing the culture of three kinds of Hong Kong local restaurants, including some recommended restaurants.

Discover the History of Hong Kong in a Day

Seeing more of the history of Hong Kong isn't that difficult if you know where to go. Here is a suggested itinerary.

Best Places to Take Photos in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is great for photography, a metropolis flush with secrets and something new to see around every corner.

Top 8 Things to Do with Kids in Hong Kong

If you are visiting Hong Kong with kids in Hong Kong, then these places you should pay a visit.

Top 8 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

If you just related Hong Kong to a Shopping paradise, then you are wrong. Hong Kong offers much more than just a shopping city, see what to see there.

Cindy Tang
The Five Best Park Campsites Around Hong Kong

While enjoying a trip to Hong Kong, you could stay at in one of 41 government built campsites in the country parks, instead of a hotel.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
The Top 5 Country Parks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong tourists enjoy its national parks. Here are Hong Kong's five best country parks and what you can do in them.

Top Mainland China Tours from Hong Kong

This article introduces four wonderful China tours that start from Hong Kong for those who are coming to China for the first time.

Hong Kong in One Day for Luxury Travelers

A luxury one-day trip in Hong Kong should include classy things to do, the best restaurants, and the most comfortable means of transportation.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Hong Kong in One Day for Mid-Price Travelers

If you've only got one day in Hong Kong, this article is a guide to how to travel Hong Kong and enjoy yourselves greatly.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
5 Things to Do to Make the Most of Your Stopover Time in Hong Kong

It is a list of top things to do and places to visit during a stopover in Hong Kong, including some of the most popular attractions.

Cindy Tang
The Hong Kong Tung Chung to Tai O Walking Trail

This article introduces one of Hong Kong's premier hiking paths, some travel information and some related attractions.

Candice Song
How to Plan a 1-Day Trip to Macau from Hong Kong

This article gives you all you need to arrange a Macau day tour from Hong Kong, including ferry transport and must-see attractions.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
The Top 10 FREE Things to Do in Hong Kong

China Highlights has listed for you the top free things to do in Hong Kong, including the Avenue of Stars and the Golden Mile

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
The Key Places in Hong Kong That Every Tourist Needs to Know

When traveling in Hong Kong, here are some key places in Hong Kong that you should know about and visit.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2016 in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong include the New Year Parade, the fireworks display, and festive shopping. Details updated yearly.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Chartering a Boat in Hong Kong

This article gives you some information and suggestions about chartering a boat in Hong Kong.

Candice Song
Hong Kong's 5 Best Parks for Tourists

Here are the top 5 parks in Hong Kong, which deserve a visit, with travel details and summaries, including Hong Kong Park and Kowloon Park.

Top 5 Offbeat Things to Do in Hong Kong

It is a list of offbeat things to do in Hong Kong, which can make your trip to Hong Kong more interesting and memorable.

Candice Song
Hiking Sunset Mountain on Lantau Island

This article introduces some information about hiking sunset mountain on Lantau Island, including a hiking route and useful hiking tips.

Candice Song
Hong Kong's Top 10 Beaches

Hong Kong’s top 10 beaches listed here include the ten most famous and popular beaches, like Repulse Bay Beach and Shek O Village Beach.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Lamma Island's Family Walk

This article introduces a top family walk on Hong Kong's Lamma Island, including walk description, optional extension, and travel essentials.

How to Plan a One-Day High-Budget Shopping Tour of Hong Kong

Want to have a one-day, high-budget shopping tour of Hong Kong? Here are some suggestions about where to star, shopping malls, features, shopping items and travel tips.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
How to Plan a One-Day Middle-Budget Shopping Tour in Hong Kong

Here is how to plan a one-day shopping tour in Hong Kong with a middle-range budget, including shopping malls and restaurants.

Annie Wu
Top 10 Museums of Hong Kong

This should help you choose from Hong Kong's top 10 museums: Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Science Museum ...

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
How to Plan a Family Tour of Hong Kong

This article gives some suggestions about planning a family tour in Hong Kong, including some attractions and food that children love.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Tips for Student Travelers in Hong Kong

This article gives several useful suggestions for student travelers to Hong Kong including budget hotels and attractions.

Handicapped-Tourist-Friendly Hong Kong

This article gives some useful travel tips for handicapped tourists to Hong Kong, including wheelchair-accessible attractions.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
Hong Kong in One Day for Budget Travelers

If you've only got one day in Hong Kong and you're looking for a memorable trip on a short budget, then this article is just for you.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
How to Plan a 2-Day Tour of Hong Kong's Highlights

Here is a popular and workable plan to see the highlights of Hong Kong in only two days.

How to Plan a 3-Day Tour of Hong Kong's Highlights

This article talks about how to plan 3 days in Hong Kong with top things to do, best places to visit, meals and shopping options.

Senior Travel in Hong Kong

This article provides some useful information about attractions and transport in Hong Kong, and travel tips particularly for senior travelers.

Gavin Van Hinsbergh
How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong

This article introduces yum cha and dim sum traditions; types of tea (yum cha) and what to eat with the tea (dim sum).

Gavin Van Hinsbergh

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