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Beijing Shijinglong Ski Resort

Beijing Shijinglong Ski Resort

Written by CindyUpdated Oct. 26, 2021

Built in 1999, located in Yanqing, Xiadu, Beijing, this National Ecological Exemplary Area is 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The ski resort is the first and largest one around Beijing, providing comprehensive service facilities, such as artificial snow-making services, a hot spring, restaurants, accommodation and shopping.

Covering an area of 600 mu, the ski resort offers professionally designed ski runs and a grand ski hall which has a carrying capacity of 5,000 people. It is a broad open resort with a rugged terrain, and a beautiful environment and landscape.


There are six ski runs (rated as Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced runs) in the resort, with 4,600 meters in overall length. The longest run at the advanced level is 1,000 meters in length, 300 meters in vertical throw, 30 degrees in its maximum slope and 16 degrees in its average slope; the intermediate run is 600 meters in length, 135 meters in vertical throw, 28 degrees in its maximum slope and 14.6 degrees in its average slope; the introduction run is designed for new hands and is 3,000 meters in overall length and 2 to 6 degrees in its average slope. Such ski runs meet the requirements of skiers at different levels, giving them enjoyment.

There are other professional facilities and equipment at the resort: two ski lifts (cable cars) - the double-seatlift is 500 meters, the four-seater one is 900 meters; five big cableways and two normal cableways -these have a conveying capacity of 5,000 people per hour.

The resort owns 11 snow-making machines made in China and abroad, two snow-making machines made in Germany; and 5,000 ski entertainment facilities (monoskis, snowboards, snow bicycles, ski circles and sleighs). In order to meet the needs of the new hands, nearly100 instructors of a national level have been hired to help skiers learn standard skiing skills in a short time; besides, the resort is equipped with a foreign ski school inside it (for both monoskis and snowboards).


The activities held in Shijinglong Ski Resort are full of variety: skiing, snow circling, snow motorcycling, horse-drawn ploughs, sleighing, snow bicycling, setting off firecrackers, a kids’ center, a snow spa and a hot spring bath. The fully launched snow spa and hot spring bath are unique in the Chinese ski market, and are very effective against fatigue and help to restore energy after skiing.

Shijinglong Hot Spring

It is a fun garden for outdoor enthusiasts and is the only place in Beijing which combines snow with a hot spring bath. The outdoor open hot spring pool is built beside the long ski run. What’s worth mentioning is the specially-made Bihaiqionggong Hot Spring Pool (碧海琼宫温泉池), which is decorated with jades and beads, is filled with different bath materials, such as Chinese herbs, Tibetan herbs, ginseng, milk, flowers, Angelica sinensis and green tea.

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Shijinglong Hotel

Located in the grounds of Shijinglong Ski Resortis this resort hotel which combines catering, entertainment and meetings. With a beautiful environment around it, surrounded by mountains on three sides and opposite to a sightseeing garden, the hotel has two fishponds in its yard and has well-equipped facilities inside. It is a comfortable hotel for skiing and watching the ice lanterns in winter, for hiking and mountaineering in spring, for spending holidays in summer and for viewing the sight of red leaves in autumn.

The hotel has got 33 standard rooms and standard triple rooms, with a receiving capacity of 80 people at a time. Every room is equipped with complete facilities and comfortable services. The first floor of the hotel is a Chinese restaurant which can accommodate 100 people for meals and mainly offers local food specialties.The second floor is a middle-sized VIP meeting room which can contain 30 to 40 people with professional equipment, such as a stage, lights, stereo system, projector equipment, conference tables and chairs, aiming to meet all  demands, such as meetings, training, and collective karaoke entertainment activities.

Skiing prices:

Workdays: 120 yuan for 2 hours per person, 140 yuan for 3 hours per person, 160 yuan for4 hours per person, 240 yuan per day per person;

Weekends: 180 yuan for2 hours per person, 220 yuan for3 hours per person, 240 yuan for4 hours per person, 360 yuan per day per person;

New Year's Day and the Spring Festival: 200 yuan for2 hours per person, 240 yuan for3 hours per person, 280 yuan for4 hours per person, 390 yuan per day per person.

Ski equipment rental prices:

Other prices:

  • Cash pledge: 200 yuan per person
  • Clothing: 30 yuan per time per suit
  • Snow goggles: 30 yuan per time per frame
  • Snow helmet: 30 yuan per time per helmet
  • Storage chest: 10 yuan per time per chest
  • Tickets: 20 yuan per person
  • Hot spring: 38 yuan per person
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Shijinglong Ski Resort is 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing, which is a 60-minute drive.

  • Address: Yangfang Village, in the center of Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County, Beijing (北京延庆县张山营镇中羊坊村).
  • Bus route: take bus 919 (the air conditioned express) at Beijing Deshengmen to Yanqing Bus Station,take bus 920 to the Shijinglong Ski Resort Station,and then walk a distance of 500 meters in an easterly direction.
  • Subway: take Subway Line S2 at Beijing North Station (Xizhimen, 西直门) to Yanqing (延庆),take Subway Line 920 (Zhangshanying, 张山营方向) to Shijinglong Ski Resort Station (石京龙滑雪场), and then walk a distance of 500 meters in an easterly direction.

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