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Beijing Train Schedule - Railway Station in Beijing, Beijing Trains

Beijing Railway Station
Beijing Railway Station was built in 1901 and is the oldest station in Beijing. It is the transportation hub for destinations between northeast and southeast China. Passengers heading, for example, to Harbin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Hangzhou or Pingyao board their trains here. The station also provides international connections to Moscow, Ulaanbaatar and Pyongyang.

Beijing West Railway Station
Beijing West Train Station is one of the largest train stations in China. Here, passengers can board trains to (for example) Hong Kong, Xi’an, Xiamen, Kunming, Guilin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Beijing South Railway Station
Beijing South Train Station was the first train station to combine high-speed trains, suburban trains and metro, after re-construction in May, 2006. It runs a high-speed line between Beijing and Shanghai, and the Beijing to Tianjin intercity trains. Passengers to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Shenyang also depart from here.

Beijing North Railway Station
Beijing North Train Station is currently under renovation. It will reopen by the end of 2019.

Beijing Train Schedule

(Last Updated on May 3rd, 2017)

From To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
Beijing South Station Shanghai Hongqiao  Station G1, G13,G3,G129 etc. 4h49m - 5h40m 1318km 1st Class: $136
2nd Class: $81
Shanghai Station *D313(19:37-07: 14)
11h50m - 12h7m 1296km Soft Sleeper:$103
2nd Class: $45
Hangzhou East  Station G19(08:30-13:31)
5h01m - 5h50m 1279km 1st Class: $132
2nd Class: $79
Ningbo Station G55(08:10-14:55)
6h45m - 6h49m 1354km 1st Class: $146
2nd Class: $87
Qingdao Station G179(09:35-14:10)
4h35m - 4h49m 819km 1st Class: $69
2nd Class: $46
Shenyang Station G219(08:00-11:58) 3h58m 681km 1st Class: $61
2nd Class: $43
Shenyang North Station G217(13:30-17:28) 3h58m 694km 1st Class: $61
2nd Class: $43
Harbin West  Station G381(07:53- 14:59) 7h06m 1222km 1st Class: $122
2nd Class: $79

Beijing West  Station

Xi'an North  Station G87(14:00-18:23)
4h23m - 5h50m 1071km 1st Class: $120
2nd Class: $75
Xi'an Station *Z19(20:40- 08:31)
*Z43(20:12 - 09:55)
11h51m - 13h43m 1074km Superior:$125
Soft Sleeper: $68
Hard Sleeper: $43
Pingyao Gucheng  Station G605(10:28-14:32) 4h04m 582km 1st Class: $47
2nd Class: $33
Guilin Station G421(09:07 - 19:45) *Z5(16:09 - 11:34) 10h38m
1949km 1st Class: $182
2nd Class: $118
Soft Sleeper: $101
Hard Sleeper: $64
Guilin North  Station *Z285(21:10-16:27) 19h17m 1942km Soft Sleeper: $101
Hard Sleeper:$64
Guangzhou Station *Z35(11:49-09:10) 21h21m 2110km Superior:$222
Soft Sleeper: $120
Hard Sleeper:$69
Guangzhou South  Station *D901(20:10-06:28)
2133km Soft Sleeper: $148
1st Class:$201
2nd Class: $126
Shenzhen Station *Z107(19:55-18:11) 22h16m 2152km Soft Sleeper: $110
Hard Sleeper:$70
Shenzhen North  Station *D901(20:10-07:06) 10h56m 2177km Soft Sleeper: $148
2nd Class:$110
Futian  Station G79(10:00-18:45) 8h45m 2159km 1st Class: $217
2nd Class: $138
Beijing Station

Shanghai Station *T109 (19:33 - 10:43) 15h10m 1208km Superior:$141
Soft Sleeper: $77
Hard Sleeper:$49
Shenyang Station D15(07:31 - 12:37) 5h06m 680km 1st Class: $36
2nd Class: $30
Shenyang North  Station D17(09:15 - 14:14) 4h59m 691km 1st Class: $36
2nd Class: $30
Harbin Station D25(09:58-18:37)
*Z15(21:21 - 07:26)
1241km 1st Class: $63
2nd Class: $46
Superior: $133
Soft Sleeper:$66
Harbin West  Station D101(13:49 - 21:39) 7h50m 1228km 1st Class: $62
2nd Class: $45
Hangzhou Station *Z9 (19:08-09:29) 14h21m 1289km Soft Sleeper: $83
Hard Sleeper:$53
Pingyao Station *K609 (23:53 - 09:30) 9h37m 585km Soft Sleeper: $44
Hard Sleeper:$29

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