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Guangzhou Weather in June

light rain
  • 10°C
  • clouds
  • humidity:10%
  • wind:10km/h
  • Sept 27
  • Wed
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 28
  • Wed
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 29
  • Thu
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 30
  • Fri
  • 28-32°C

Guangzhou is famous for its scorching summers that stretch to early October. There is rainy and muggy weather interspersed with hot sunny days. The average low and high temperatures are respectively at 24 °C (76 °F) and 31 °C (88 °F).

It's a rainy month with a total precipitation of 276 mm, and it rains most days of the month. It is the most humid time of the year with a humidity level of about 84 percent.

Depending on the weather, you might want to stay indoors and shop or visit a local outdoor attraction.


Wear summer clothes such as skirts, shorts and T-shirts. Bring an umbrella and wear sun protection. Drink lots of water and try herbal tea or cold bubble tea which is very popular among local people.

Guangzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data


Things to Do in June

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon boat raceDragon boat race

The Dragon Boat Festival usually takes place during June. Sometimes it is celebrated in late May because the festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The people living in riverside villages will host grand dragon boat races and there are various celebrations in the city.

The whole event starts one month before the racing day. The dragon boats are assembled and blessed for weeks, and then the villagers will take part in the races. A traditional dragon boat is 33 meters long and can carry over 70 sailors.

Visit Exhibitions on Local Culture in Guangdong Museum

Located in downtown Guangzhou, Guangdong Museum is a place for you to get closer to the local culture, customs, and art.

There are long-term exhibitions about the local history, natural resources, wood carvings, ceramics, and inkstones. You also have the chance to visit some temporary exhibitions on painting and calligraphy.

Go Shopping in Zhujiang New Town and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Zhujiang New TownZhujiang New Town

Guangzhou has luxury malls in the CBD, which is called Zhujiang New Town. Visit the shops for upscale brands or try some local dishes in a variety of moderately priced restaurants that are also liked by the locals.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is a popular shopping street. There are medium-priced restaurants and a variety of stores selling locally made jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs. There is also an herb market where you can find the traditional nutritional supplements that have become popular overseas, such as ginseng root and goji berries.

Check out more great shopping places in Guangzhou.

Celebrate the Zengcheng Litchi Festival

Travelers who enjoy eating sweet, juicy lychees won’t want to miss the annual Zengcheng Litchi Festival. The festival is celebrated in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, and the series of events start from mid-June.

June is a Shoulder Travel Month

June isn't a high travel month for tourism and travel. Hotel room prices are normal, and train and flight tickets are available.

Guangzhou Tours in June

We arrange Guangzhou tours for families, groups, and individuals and give you advice on the local festivals and other things that we would recommend for you.

Check out the sample tour below for more ideas or contact us to create your own experience.