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The 6 Tourist Attractions on China’s Banknotes

The 6 Tourist Attractions on China’s Banknotes

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 18, 2023

China is the big spender of world tourism, and China tourism is a big money spinner. That is perhaps why China has chosen to put six of its tourist attractions on its six biggest banknotes.

Interestingly China didn't choose its six most-visited sights for its banknotes, but six very varied sights scattered throughout the Chinese mainland. Below the six banknote sights are ranked according to popularity with international tourists.

Attraction International Tourist Arrivals World Rank
The Forbidden City, Beijing 12,830,000 15
Tsim Sha Tsui, HK 10,088,493 18
Victoria Peak, HK 10,088,493 19
The Great Wall of China, Beijing 9,000,000 26
HK Disneyland 5,200,000 45
Ocean Park, HK 5,100,000 47

2010 stats from the World Tourism Organization

The Great Hall of the People, Tian'anmen Square, Beijing (100 Yuan Note)

Tiananmen squareThe Great Hall of the People

The Great Hall of the People is both first and last of the banknote sights for popularity with international tourists. Most people see it on a tour of China's most popular tourist city — Beijing, when they visit Tian'anmen Square, but few ever go in. It hosted a banquet for 5,000 in 1972 when Richard Nixon (one of our customers) visited China.

Not strictly a tourist attraction, typically it is used for PRC government assemblies. But with Tian'anmen Square in front, the Forbidden City to the north, and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to the south, it is in the company of some of the most visited sights in the world.

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The Li River, Guilin (20 Yuan Note)


With no banknote sights in Shanghai or Xi'an, the next most popular is the number one attraction of China's fourth tourist city, Guilin. The Li River is known as China's most beautiful river, with fantastic karst hills  reflecting in its crystal waters. Enjoy it by tourist cruiser, or bamboo raft with China Highlights.

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"Three Ponds Reflecting the Moon", West Lake, Hangzhou (1 Yuan Note)

Hksic 26

With Hong Kong (unsurprisingly) neglected on RMB bills, despite it having four of China's six most-visited sights by international travelers, the third banknote sight is in Hangzhou, arguably China's sixth tourist city. West Lake is Hangzhou's star scenic attraction, a serene creation representing traditional Chinese architecture and landscaping on a grand scale.

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Kui Gate, The Yangtze Three Gorges, Central China (10 Yuan Note)


The Three Gorges are the most renowned stretch of China's greatest river, the Yangtze. Thanks to the world's largest dam you can cruise on placid waters from Chongqing to Yichang to discover the sheer natural spectacles and fascinating history of the Yangtze Gorges.

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The Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet (50 Yuan Note)

Potala palace

If it weren't for limits on visitor numbers and the restrictions on access to Tibet, the Potala Palace would have far more international visitors. The majestic seat of feudal power for the Tibetan people stands at the heart of breathtaking Tibet. Visit it to trace Tibet's history back to the first Tibetan king, 1,300 years ago.

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Mount Tai, Shandong Province (5 Yuan Note)

Taishan Scenic Area

The first of China's "Five Great Mountains" is surprisingly little heard of outside China. Situated between Jinan (50 km north), Shandong's capital, and Tai'an (15 km south), it is a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site and now a World Geopark. Enjoy spectacular sunrises and Shandong vistas from its 1,545 meter (5,068 foot) summit, as countless emperors and pilgrims have over the centuries.

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