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light rain
  • 10°C
  • clear
  • humidity:10%
  • wind:10km/h
  • Sept 27
  • Wed
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 28
  • Wed
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 29
  • Thu
  • 28-32°C
  • Sept 30
  • Fri
  • 28-32°C

The best time to visit Urumqi is from May to October, as Urumqi winters are long and bitterly cold. The harvest time for grapes from July to October is particularly popular. It is generally dry in Urumqi, which makes the summer temperatures more bearable.

Urumqi's Climate

Urumqi Average Monthly TemperaturesUrumqi Average Monthly Temperatures

Urumqi has a mid-temperature, continental arid climate

The hottest months are July and August with average high temperatures around 30°C (86°F). 

The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -13°C (9°F). Winter is long and cold in Urumqi, and the snow is often heavy. 

Urumqi sees large temperature differences between day and night, so bring a sweater or jacket even you visit during the hottest month.


Beautiful natural scenery of Heavenly Lake north of Urumqi

Spring comes at least one month later in Urumqi than in most other cities in China, and begins in mid-April. Spring is short and cool, and usually ends in June

Temperatures can be as low as 10°C (50°F) and up to 30°C (86°F). About 1/3 of the meagre yearly rainfall comes in the spring. Jackets and jeans are recommended, and bring a sweater with you.


Huocheng Lavendar BaseHuocheng Lavendar Base, west of Urumqi, blooms in June, and has skiiing in the winter.

Summer is the most beautiful season in Urumqi. The duration of summer differs in the city and surrounding mountain and desert areas. Summer is only 62 days long in Urumqi city but goes for 90 days in the suburbs. 

Temperatures get to around 30°C (86°F) in the day, but fall to around 18°C (65°F) at night. Since Urumqi is the furthest large city from the sea on earth, the air is dry, and even during the hot summer you won’t feel stickiness or humidity. Urumqi is a good place to avoid the heat during the summer in China.

We recommend that you bring a T-shirt and long pants to Urumqi during the summer, and a jacket for the cool nights.


July to October is the harvest season for grapes in Grape Valley, Turpan

Fall in Urumqi starts from late August. The weather stabilizes in the autumn, and it rains on fewest days. The average temperature is around 13°C (55°F) by the end of fall. 

After late September, cold air reaches Urumqi from Siberia and the temperature decreases rapidly. During late October, the day-and-night temperature difference is even larger than in the summer. 

You may be able to wear a T-shirt at noon, but bring a coat for the evenings.


Winter is from November until April, and lasts over 5 months. The average high temperature in Urumqi during the winter is below freezing, and lows reach around -15°C (5°F). So winter's generally not recommended for tourism.

Some snow falls, much more in the mountains, and it stays all winter, which makes the mountains south of Urumqi a good place to ski. Down-filled coats, and full Siberian winter clothes are recommended.

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