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The Best Rooftop Bars in Yangshuo

The Best Rooftop Bars in Yangshuo

Written by GavinUpdated Aug. 22, 2022
West Street, Yangshuo West Street, Yangshuo

Since the streets in Yangshuo can often be full of tourists and cars, rooftop bars are ideal for those who want to hide from these noisy crowds, rest and enjoy the charm of magnificent landscapes! What’s more, some of such bars change into legendary party places, especially late at night, when you want to feel the real backpacker atmosphere that still exists in this part of China. 

Some people are even confident that Yangshuo nightlife is some of the best in China.

Hidden Dragon Villa

Actually it is the most placid rooftop bar you will visit in Yangshuo and according to its name it is perfectly hidden in the picturesque landscape. It seems to be a perfect stop for bikers or for those who want to hide from the crowded West Street area. 

Near the Big Banyan tree this fine renewed house will provide you with a very tranquil rooftop where you can enjoy the beauty of the Yulong River. See farmers spending the whole day in their rice paddy fields and different predatory birds trying to chase their meal at a distance.

  • Location: Ji Wo Du Village, Big Banyan Tree Area.
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Monkey Janes

"The amazing rooftop bar of the marvelous Monkey Jane" is how the bar advertisement sounds and it is absolutely true. Monkey Jane, the owner of this bar, is a legendary person. 

Defy your friends to play beer pong or flip cup, shoot in a dangerous snake or enjoy a bucket of handmade monkey juice. From the terrace you will have a wonderful view, especially late at night, when all the city peaks are lit up. Being one of the oldest town bars it gives you a perfect impression of the backpacker capital Yangshuo as it was many years ago (before it was discovered by crowds of travelers from China).

  • Location: 27 Lianfeng Alley, West Street.
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Mono Rooftop Bar

Being opened not long ago it has become one of the most favorite rooftop bars on West Street. It overlooks the stirring night crowd below but as it’s located on the 4th floor you can enjoy a tranquil and serene vibe. 

The bar has a small drinking area but it looks more like an advantage for those who got tired of a noisy nightlife. Here you can get the perfect ending of the evening drinking a cold beverage and enjoying the cool breeze from fantastic mountains lit up at night. And for sure you will like this friendly staff and smiling owner.

  • Location: 44 Lianfeng Alley, West Street.
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Bad Panda

It is the maddest but the smallest rooftop bar you will visit in Yangshuo. It is extremely popular for imposing discounts, friendly staff and Stella, the bar dog. The bar can also boast of an original tradition to leave a souvenir on the ceiling which makes the decorations seem inimitable. 

The parties in Bad Panda are in full swing when the majority of clubs on West Street are already closed. An ideal place for those who want to get absorbed in the real atmosphere of Yangshuo.

  • Location: 50 Lianfeng Alley, West Street.


Tables for mini football and beer pong, specially equipped dance and movie areas... These are only a few things you will find on top of the Alshan hotel. Mojo rooftop bar is the biggest bar you will visit in Yangshuo which guarantees you an unforgettable night. 

Sometimes they organize special events such as hip-hop nights, DJ's or beer pong competitions. While enjoying a great atmosphere you will almost forget that you are in the middle of the city center which is surrounded by the majestic karst mountains.

  • Location: 3 West Street
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Enjoy magnificent landscapes and  unforgettable emotions in Yangshuo!

Yangshuo serves as a fantastic tourist destination providing you with tasty and cheap drinks, magnificent scenery, especially when there is a fog climbing down the karst mountains and, of course, unforgettable impressions. Find more sights in Yangshuo and enjoy your time!

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