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6 Best Sites for Bungee Jumping in Beijing

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular sports for body building and entertainment. Participants experience both physical and mental exercise while enjoying the excitement. It is the kind of sport that promotes the Olympics sprit of, "higher, faster, and stronger", but it may need more courage to participate in bungee jumping than in other sports.

Beijing, is an early place that bungee jumping has been developed well and quickly in China. The following places are the best to go.

Shidu Bungee Jumping 十渡

The Shidu Bungee Jumping Center is located on the hillside of the Qilin Mountain, with the water at its front and hills at its back. In the middle of May 1997 the first platform for bungee jumping in China was built there on the cliff. It is 48 meters in height. At the end of April 1998, another 55-meter platform was established beside it.

When standing on the platform, people are rewarded with a panoramic view of the scenery, with hills and mountains in the distance. The excellent photography facilities will capture your thrilling and unforgettable leap.

Location: Jumahe River, Shidu Town, Fangshan District, Beijing房山区十渡镇拒马河畔

Transportation: Take either bus 10 or 917.

Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area 北京怀柔青龙峡


Qinglong Gorge is a beautiful region that contains scenic spots such as Qingshan Gorge, the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty, a lake, and waterfall. The 68-meter high bungee jumping platform there is the highest in China.

The jump-off point is constructed with a support and extends out from the platform, which has been constructed on a rock with reinforced concrete. The fall is about 50 meters, the highest in China, and 7 meters higher than the Bungee Jumping Center of Shidu, Fangshan District.

Location: Dashuiyu Village, North Town, Huirou County, Beijing北京市怀柔县北镇大水峪村

Transportation: Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station; or take Tour Bus 16 at Dongdaqiao (East Bridge) or Xuanwumen (宣武门).

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Longtan Lake Park 龙潭湖公园

Longtan Lake Park is located within Zuoan Gate, southeast of Congwen District. The water-theme park covers an area of 1,200,000m2, of which the water area with blue lakes and evergreen trees accounts for 466,667m2.

The bungee jumping entertainment facilities, with unique equipment-Bungee Jumping Bomber, were introduced in 1999 and provides three 40-meter masts in the form of a triangle, so that three persons can jump simultaneously.

The jumpers are tied side by side, lying on their backs, their ankles are connected with a wire rope to the masts. Then a windlass lifts them up to the 40-meter height by winding the rope. Finally, when the ropes are let loose, they fall with heads down and will be bounced to the sky in the reverse direction by the other two ropes connecting them at a point when they nearly hit the ground.

The bounce will be repeated so that the participants can experience this feeling of weight loss.

Location: 8 Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing东城区龙潭路8号

Transportation: Take bus 6, 8, 12, 35, 41, 60, 116, or 807.

Yanqi (Wild Goose Habitat) Lake Scenic Area 北京雁栖湖

Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is 8 kilometers away from Huirou County. As its name implies, the area is the home to herds of migratory birds in the spring such as the wild geese and cranes. With the agreeable climate and its blue water, the area is an ideal place to enjoy water entertainments and to relax. Surrounded by hills on three sides, the landscape of the lake varies in different seasons.

At the end of September 1998, a bungee jumping tower named "Rocket" was set by the lake, with a springing height of 50 meters. Before jumping, a person is tied to the seat, and then this seat will rebound to the sky thanks to its two large elastic cords. People can enjoy the landscape below while jumping.

Location: Yanqi (Wild Goose Habitat) Lake Scenic Area, at the bottom of Yanshan Mountain, Huirou County, 8km North of Huirou County怀柔区燕山脚下雁栖湖畔

Transportation: Take bus 936 at Dongzhimen. 

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Shijingshan Amusement Park 石景山游乐园

Shijingshan Amusement Park is about 15 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square. It is a modern park where people enjoy physical exercise, entertainments, human scenes, eating, and shopping.

Three of the 71 available entertainments are related to bungee jumping: Rocket, Bouncing Tower, and Flying in the Sky. The tower of BJH36-2A rocket jumping is 42 meters high, and the distance between two towers is 28 meters.

After a person is fixed safely in a cockpit, the cockpit will be launched by the elastic cords to a height to 48 meters, equal to the height of a 16-storied building, and then fall rapidly through the air until the cords catch the cockpit when it then bounces up and down a few times until comes to a stop. Moreover, inertia catches the cockpit turning it over and over again during this bouncing process, giving the riders an experience of a rocket launching.

Location: 25 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing (inside Shijingshan Amusement Park) 北京市石景山区石景山路25号石景山游乐园内

Transportation: Take bus 307, 318, 337, or 354 and get off at the station in Shijingshan Amusement Park.

Longqing Gorge Scenic Area龙庆峡

Longqing gorgeLongqing Gorge Scenic Area

Longqing Gorge Scenic Area is located at the river mouth, northwest of Gucheng (Ancient City) Village, 10 kilometers northeast of Yanqing County, and 85 kilometers from the inner City. Longqing Gorge is also called "Nine Twist Zigzag of the Ancient City." The direction of flow of water is from the east of Haituoshan Mountain, across the Yudushan Mountain, and then it enters the Gucheng reservoir.

The 48-meter platform on the cliff where the Jinggang Temple sits, was designed by the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. The core facilities are equipped with an ADA (American with Disabilities Act) system, which offers a safer service.

Location: Gucheng (Ancient City) Village, Jiuxian (Old County) Town, Yanqian County, Beijing北京市延庆县旧县镇古城村

Transportation: Take bus 919 or Tour Bus 8.

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The entertainment of the bungee jumping is not open to the public from the end of October to March of the next year.

Best Time to Go Bungee Jumping in these 6 sites is from April to September.

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