The Most Romantic Restaurants in Beijing

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Beijing

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
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Beijing: historical capital, cultural capital, and culinary capital - it is then only logical to presume that this city is also abounding with romantic locales. Beijing can be a romantic escape for two, or the setting to fall in love; with the history, the culture, and the cuisine you can learn to fall in love all over again. And there is no better way to end a day of romance than with these: the most romantic restaurants in Beijing.

The Courtyard Restaurant

For daytime consumption with a nighttime vibe, The Courtyard Restaurant, just a stone’s throw from the Forbidden City, offers visitors both the delicacies and service that leave a couple to their own devices. The courtyard trees and greenery brush away the distractions. What remains is you, that special someone, and the finest Chinese cuisine money can buy .

Dali Courtyard

The Dali Courtyard’s rooftop patio overlooks the ancient Drum Tower, is a few minutes from the Houhai Lake and is perfect for nighttime excursions. Moonlight collaborates with the Chinese red lanterns that hover above the dinner tables, giving the wine, gourmet and cutlery an oriental mystique. Wrapped in this lattice of light the world outside fades in the blur of the panorama of lakes, lights, and the night.

Le Pre Lenotre

Known for the best and most exclusive wine offerings between from Beijing and Shanghai, this Le Pre Lenotre loosens up the atmosphere while keeping things classy. An in-house pianist sets the mood, the cuisine lights the candle, and with wines and champagnes of this caliber, the light will burn on all night.

Café Sambal

Enter the traditional doors of Café Sambal where ancient hosting servitude and interior design collages with modern décor, gourmet, and technology. The distinct tastes of Beijing’s hidden past and the mysteries of its culture are revealed through the vivacious tastes and modern service. Not a journey back in time, but an experience between time, to be shared by two, at the Café Sambal.

La Café Igosso

Let the notes set the mood and the lyrics set the tone. La Café Igosso sets itself apart and afar from the boisterous club scene. It provides light music that dissolves into an ambiance that encompasses two. Concert pianists, sensual voices - or make a special appointment to experience Chinese instruments like the guzheng and erhu, that enhance a cultural reverence of one’s experience. Their mouthwatering cuisine is simply the icing on the cake (which they offer too).

The Orchard

Every sense is tantalized in this one of a kind Asian-European collage. Western service standards (without the tip) with Chinese and European cuisine that satisfies the taste buds. With in-house music for the sound, furnishings that are comforting to the touch, décor that pleases the eyes, and a scent that always keeps the customers hungry for more, guests are immersed in their surroundings and the sense of romance arises.

The Boat

The two-story ferry with glass walls and live music floats on the tranquil waters of Liangma River, behind the Beijing’s Worker Stadium. The open air second floor tables overlook the undulating waters, where reflected man-made lights and Mother Nature’s moonlight tango together on the water’s surface. The dishes are exquisite and consist primarily of seafood delicacies. Perfect for mid-summer excursions, The Boat is the one of the best music and romance venues in the city.

Chinese Romantic Recommendations

The following five Beijing restaurants have been recommended by Chinese sources for being romantic.

1. Lan Ting Yu Shu Restaurant

Lan Ting Yu Shu Restaurant

Reasons for recommendation: It feels as though you are wandering in Dali, Yunnan Province, as you appreciate the restaurant's Dali-style yard with verdant grasses. The restaurant specializes in hot pots and is very particular about raw ingredients, such as organic vegetables, wild fungi, and fresh seafood, in order to meet the demands of customers for healthy and nutritious food.

2. Dian Ke Dian Lai Restaurant

Dian Ke Dian Lai Restaurant

Reasons for recommendation: Another restaurant in a Dali style, Dian Ke Dian Lai Restaurant is a quiet and elegant quadrangle dwelling with green bricks, white walls, gray tiles, a glass roof, verdant grasses, and a 100-year-old tree. Customers can enjoy Pu'er tea, read books, and even paint in the restaurant. It is an ideal place for lovers to date.

Subway: Line 2 to Chaoyangmen Station, exit C or H

3. Shu He Ren Jia Restaurant

Shu He Ren Jia Restaurant

Reasons for recommendation: Shu He Ren Jia Restaurant is a quiet and elegant Yunnan-style quadrangle dwelling decorated with green bricks. Its highlights are its hot pots, such as Matsutake hot pot.

4. Cha Yu Tang Private Kitchen

Cha Yu Tang Private Kitchen

Reasons for recommendation: The restaurant is decorated with green bricks, handmade wood-carved windows, green grass curtains, nostalgic cane chairs, and square tables. It is a great pleasure to enjoy a private meal with your lover while listening to Suzhou opera and sipping French wine in the restaurant.

5. Rainbow Covenant Upper Room Café Bistro

Rainbow Covenant Upper Room Café

Reasons for recommendation: The restaurant is Christian-themed, and is decorated with saintly images on the main gate, Israeli tribe legends on the stained glass, and a red cross in the brick-paved corridor, making it feel like a church. The restaurant features Huaiyang dishes, which are extremely nutritiou and have an original taste.

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