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China Puppet Theater

In Beijing’s Chaoyang District, there is a premier national puppet show theater that is under national government sponsorship. It is meant to entertain Chinese children, so there are no English performances. The three theaters show movies and put on performances of both puppets and human actors dressed in costumes.

For expats living in the Chaoyang District, it is conveniently close by. It is across the street from the Sogo Department Store. You might want to visit to see the modern puppet entertainment. 

Since the performers speak clearly, loudly, and slowly for the kids, non-native Chinese speakers can understand it.

The Performances

Puppetry is an ancient tradition and a form of art. In the Qing Empire (1644–1911) puppet shows were widely enjoyed both by rulers and commoners. The favorite forms of puppetry included shadow puppets, hand puppets, and rod controlled puppets. In an attempt to revive this traditional art form, modern hand puppet and shadow puppet performances have been choreographed.

The theater has won a lot of awards and official commendations since it opened in 2006. It is a place to see among the best of Chinese puppet entertainment. Sometimes visiting foreign performers perform also.

What You Can Watch and Do

Swan LakeSwan Lake

Both Chinese and Western stories inspire the children.

Some of the favorite Chinese stories that are performed include "Juvenile Confucius “ and “Monkey King".

European stories enacted include "Swan Lake," “Pinocchio,” "The Little Mermaid," and "The Wizard of Oz".

Films and videos are shown, and other entertainment is provided.

With so much going on and exciting things to see, buy, and eat, your kids should enjoy a visit and learn something about Chinese culture.

The Venue


There are three stages. The main theater sits about 600. There is special effects lighting and sound, and also video and movie equipment. Two other smaller theaters are in the complex.

Refreshments and food include a supply of delicious grilled sausages, hot chicken corn soup, chocolate milk, refreshing and thirst-quenching cold drinks, popcorn, candy, and other goodies that children like.

For souvenirs, bags, pillows, books, and audio and video DVDs are for sale.

Essential Information

  • Name: China Puppet Theater (中国木偶剧院 Zhōngguó Mù'ǒu Jùyuàn)
  • Hours: 9 am to 8 pm. There are shows at 7:30 pm and sometimes at 10:30 am. For particular shows or for booking tickets and to find out what is playing, let us help you with the travel arrangements. Contact us. We are only a click away.
  • Price: The price varies depending on the day and performance (about 50 to 100 RMB or more).
  • Address: 1 Anhuaxili, Beisanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 朝阳区北三环路安华西里甲1号.
  • Bus: 8,101, 201,104, and 422 go there.
  • Subway: Line 5, Heping Xi Qiao (Heping West Bridge) Station, and then transfer to a taxi to the theater. Show the driver the above Chinese language address.
  • Taxi: It costs about 25 or 30 RMB from central Beijing.

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