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The Best Restaurants in Beijing Hutong

Sampling the delicious and distinctive food of your destination is one of the best experiences of traveling. When traveling in Beijing, walking among the culture-rich hutongs, where a great many authentic local dishes and traditional courtyard restaurants hide, provides a can’t-miss chance to enjoy tasteful and authentic snacks at reasonable prices.

Mei Family Feast

  • In Chinese: 梅府家宴
  • Location: No. 24 courtyard on Da Xiangfeng Hutong (大翔凤胡同2)
  • Price: 730 yuan

This restaurant mainly cooks the family-style dishes that Mei Lanfang (a famous performer of Beijing opera) loves. These dishes are known for their ability to nourish your skin, clear your voice and maintain your health, among other benefits. Besides the delicious dishes, the environment of the courtyard is also quite elegant, looking like a mini museum.

Li Family Cuisine Restaurant

  • In Chinese: 厉家菜, the Li Family Dish
  • Location: No. 11 courtyard on Sheep Room Hutong (羊房胡同胡同11)
  • Price: 610 yuan

Sheep Room Hutong is one of the places not to miss when you visit Houhai (后海). No. 11 courtyard is a famous restaurant specializing in old royal recipes—the Li family dish. The dish is carefully cooked with complicated cooking techniques. A great many tourists and foreigners come here to enjoy the delicious cuisine.

No. 44 Private Kitchen Restaurant

  • In Chinese: 44号私家厨房
  • Location: No. 70 courtyard on Xiguan Hutong (细管胡同70)
  • Price: 125 yuan

Xiguan Hutong is the former residence of Tianhan (田汉, a famous dramatist and a founder of Chinese drama). The hutong is easy to miss, and so is the private kitchen of No. 44 Private Kitchen Restaurant.

The unique sign presents the distinctive nature of the restaurant, which mainly specializes in Miao ethnic dishes from Guizhou province traditional cuisine. The sour fish soup there is worth a taste.

No. 28 Private Family Cuisine

  • In Chinese: 二十八号私家菜
  • Location: No. 28 courtyard on Bolin Hutong (柏林胡同70)

There is a restaurant called No. 28 Private Family Cuisine (二十八号私家菜) in No. 28 courtyard on Bolin Hutong. You will notice the red wall, green bamboo and old-style gateway. The cuisine is quite special and worth a visit.

Tan Family Dishes Restaurant

  • In Chinese: 谭家菜
  • Location: No. 10 courtyard on Huguo Temple Street (护国寺大街10)
  • Price: 683 yuan

Tan Family Dishes Restaurant (谭家菜) is located at No. 10 courtyard of this hutong street. The restaurant is surrounded by the distinctive Beijing courtyard architecture. Eating in such a plain and antique yard is a special experience. On the west exit of the street, you can also find the famous Huguo Temple, with its snacks and traditional restaurants known far and wide.


  • In Chinese: 商贾意大利餐厅
  • Location: No. 4 courtyard on Fangzhuanchang (方砖厂胡同4)
  • Price: 180 yuan

It is an Italian restaurant on a fairly quiet hutong, traversed entirely by locals. It is a small and cozy restaurant serving the most authentic Italian food and wine.