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Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Beijing

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant was founded in 1864. It has a history of 149 years. As an old and famous roast duck restaurant, Quanjude Roast Duck is almost the synonym of Beijing Roast Duck.

Through continuous innovation and development, Quanjude has formed distinctive cuisines with roast duck as its leading dish, including a "whole duck banquet" and more than 400 specialties. Known as "the first dish to taste in China", Quanjude Roast Duck is highly praised by heads of state, government officials, communities, and domestic and foreign tourists. Former Premier Zhou Enlai used to choose the "whole duck banquet" of Quanjude as a state banquet.

Methods of roasting ducks

First, make a small hole in the duck and remove the viscera. Next, put boiling water into the duck and tie up the hole. Then hang the duck in the oven. By doing this, water can be kept in the duck after being roasted. At the same time, since the duck’s belly is full of water, the duck’s skin bulges and won’t go soft when cooked; instead, the skin becomes very thin and crispy. So, the most delicious part of the duck is the skin.

The oven is specially made without a door but a number of holes, and uses fruit-tree wood, such as jujube and pear, as fuel which produces no smog and lasts for a long time.

When roasting ducks, their positions need to be swapped regularly to ensure they can be roasted evenly.

Ingredients and condiments

Ingredients: Beijing duck, lotus-leaf pancakes, hollow sesame biscuits.

Condiments: sweet sauce, scallions, cucumber, sugar, mashed garlic.

Tips for eating roast duck

There isn’t any salty taste in a roast duck, therefore, condiments are essential in roast duck cuisine. Apart from this, what else should be noticed when eating roast duck?


Roast duck must be eaten during the correct seasons. Spring, autumn and winter are the best seasons. Normally, duck is tender and fat in winter and spring, and autumn provides a proper temperature and humidity for roasting. In summer, however, people don’t like greasy food. What’s more, the weather is humid in summer; moisture in the air always makes the duck’s skin not crispy enough to eat.


Roast duck can be tasted in three ways with different condiments. The first way is to pick a little sweet sauce with chopsticks and spread it on the pancake. Then place a few slices of duck as well as slices of scallions, cucumber or radish on the pancake, and roll it up. This is the most common way. The second way is to add mashed garlic and soy sauce on the duck slices; radish slices are also a good choice. The third way is to dip the duck slices in sugar, and it is particularly suitable for ladies and children.

Staple food

There are two kinds of staple food that can be eaten along with the roast duck, lotus-leaf pancakes (a kind of thin pancake) and hollow sesame biscuits. Spread some sweet sauce on two pancakes and put slices of roast duck, scallions and cucumber on them, then roll them up. Alternatively, you can replace the sweet sauce with mashed garlic and soy sauce, then add cucumber or radish slices and roll them up.

Branches of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing

So far, Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant has opened a number of branches in several cities, and more than 10 of them are in Beijing.

Here, we have listed the 10 branches of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Qianmen Branch)

Qianmen Branch is the original restaurant of Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant with a history of 149 years. The restaurant has an area of 2,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 people at a time. Built in a classic style, the whole building is full of traditional Chinese characteristics.

This restaurant has received many politicians and celebrities, such as former US President George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, former Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu, Chairman of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, and so on.

Opening times: 11:00-13:30, 16:30-20:00

Telephone: 010-65112418

Address: 30 Qianmen Street (near Qianmen Pedestrian Street)

Transportation: take bus 20, 17, 53, 22 or the subway, and get off at Qianmen Station, then walk 50 meters southwards.

 Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Peace Arch Branch)

Opened on May 1, 1979, Peace Arch Branch has a floor space of 15,000 square meters, including a usable area of 4,000 square meters. It can accommodate more than 2,000 consumers at a time. It is also the largest roast duck restaurant in the world.

Opening times: 11:00-14:00, 17:30-21:30

Telephone: 010-63023062

Address: 14 Qianmen West Street, Xuanwu District.

Transportation: take Tunnel Line 1 and get off at Peace Arch Station, or take bus 67 or 301 and get off at Peace Arch East Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Wangfujing Branch)

Opening times: 10:00-20:30

Telephone 010-65253310

Address: 9 Shuaifuyuan Hutong, Wangfujing Street (opposite Goubuli Dumpling Restaurant)

Transportation: take Tunnel Line 1 and get off at Wangfujing Station, or take bus 1, 3, 4, 8, 10 or 20 and get off at Wangfujing Station or Dong’an Market Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Olympic Village Branch)

Opening times: 11:00-21:00

Telephone 010-64801685

Address: 1F-3F, Block A, Tianchuangshiyuan, 309, Huizhong Beili, Datun Road.

Transportation: take bus 466, 630 or 653 and get off at Huizhong Beili Station.

 Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Qinghuayuan Branch)

Opening times: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-21:00

Telephone: 010-82150018

Address: 1F, Block A, Qinghua Science and Technology Park, Yard 1, East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District.

Transportation: take bus 307 or 319 and get off at Qinghua Yuan Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (West Railway Station Branch)

Opening times: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-20:30

Address: 3F, Hongkun International Hotel, 1, Guang’an Road, Fengtai District.

Transportation: take bus 76, 691, 620, 613, 122, 53, 57, 340, 38 or 6 and get off at Lianhuachi Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Chaoyang Beilu Branch)

Opening times: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:30

Address: 2F, Shifeng International Mansion, 19, Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District (near Chaoyang Joy City).

Transportation: take bus 126, 75, 628, 991, 75 or 675.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Shuangyushu Branch)

Opening times: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00

Address: Hengrun International Mansion, 32, North 3rd Ring Road, West Avenue, Haidian District

Transportation: take bus 367, 302, 718, 361 or 422 and get off at Sitongqiao East Station, or take Tunnel Line 4 and get off at Exit C of Renming University Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Xisanqi Branch)

Opening times: 10:00-22:00

Address: 1, Fengdanlishe Road, Huilongguan Town, Changping District.

Transportation: take Tunnel Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (Sanyuanqiao Branch)

Opening times: 10:30-21:00

Telephone: 010-84492760

Address: 1F, Dongxin Mansion, 2, East 3rd Ring Road, North Avenue, Chaoyang District.

Transportation: take bus 300, 302, 801 or 419 and get off at Sanyuanqiao Station.

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