Chongqing Weather in December, Chongqing Temperature in December

Chongqing Weather in December, Chongqing Temperature in December

By GavinUpdated Sep. 13, 2021
ChongqingWinter night in Chongqing

Weather: December feels much colder than November. The lowest temperature plummets to freezing some nights. It is cloudy and smoggy most of the time. The average temperatures range from 12 °C (54 °F) during the day to 8 °C (46 °F) at night.

Drizzle falls on 10 days of the month for a monthly total of 24 mm. This is much less than the summer.

Forecast: The weather is changeable, so stay abreast of the local weather forecast>>

Air quality: Heavily polluted. On some days, it is severe. Those with respiratory issues should avoid the city.

Clothing: A coat, layers of clothes, and some rain gear will help you stay comfortable.

Things to Do in Chongqing in December

Daning River Cruise

CiqikouGate at Ciqikou

The Lesser Three Gorges: These canyons are called a "must see" by many tourists. The cold nights add reds, browns, and yellows to the green canyon walls. The green color of the river contrasts with the muddy brown water of the Yangtze.

Shop and Sightsee at Ciqikou

Ciqikou Old Town: This favorite tourist shopping area has old architecture that dates from the era when it was a porcelain manufacturing and merchant center. You can shop and walk the lanes to sightsee and try the hot cuisine that is designed to keep people warm and healthy in cold weather.

See the Pandas

Chongqing Zoo has a fine group of pandas. There are the cuddly big black and white ones and lesser known cat-like playful red pandas and other exotic creatures.

Experience the Scented Ronghui Hot Springs

Ronghui Hot Springs: In the city called the "hot spring capital of China," this hot springs spa in central Chongqing is rated the best by foreign tourists. It is part of the premises of the Raddison Hotel in Shapingba. There are literally dozens of different pools with different scents. This is a great spa for the winter with restaurants and healthful snacks.

Touring Chongqing in December

Low Tourist Season

Panda in ChongqingPanda at Chongqing Zoo

December is a low travel month as most of the people are busy at work or school. So for tourists seeking lower prices or less tourist groups, it is a good month to go.

Christmas Day is on December 25. On that day, some tourists attend church in Chongqing to celebrate this sacred holiday with their families. Good discounts on hotel rooms and flights are easy to get. You can save a lot of money by traveling in December.

Chongqing is one of several cities with 72-hour visa free visits. This means you can tour the large region of the city without a visa and save money and time.

Chongqing/Yangtze Tours

11-Day Yangtze and China Tour (0ne of our top 3 most popular tours): You can take advantage of low season prices and availability to see Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, and Shanghai and have a Yangtze cruise. Ciqikou is scheduled.

Yangtze Gold Cruises: Cruise on the Yangtze in luxurious style in the newest ships with hi-tech facilities.

See our full spectrum of tours.

Chongqing Climate Information by Month

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