Chongqing Weather in September, Chongqing Temperature in September

Chongqing Weather in September, Chongqing Temperature in September

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Shopping lane at Ciqikou, ChonqqingShopping lane at Ciqikou

Weather: September becomes much cooler than August by the end of the month. The average temperatures range from 28 °C (82 °F) during the day to 21 °C (70 °F) at night. In the beginning of the month, it is still hot in the afternoon. With humidity of about 80%, this furnace city might feel sweltering.

Rain falls on half the days of the month for a monthly total of 128 mm. It is usually partly cloudy or cloudy, and there is some smog.

Forecast: The weather is changeable, so stay abreast of the local weather forecast>>

Air quality: Lightly polluted.

Clothing: Some summer clothing is useful along with rain gear and a thin jacket.

Things to Do in Chongqing in September

In terms of weather, it is one of the best months to go there because it is cooler and it rains less especially by the end of the month. You'll avoid the cold and air pollution of winter or the sweltering temperatures of summer.

Shop and Sightsee in Ciqikou

Lesser Three GorgesCruising in the green canyons of the Lesser Three Gorges

Ciqikou Old Town: The tourist shopping area has old architecture dating from the time when it was a porcelain merchant center. Tourists can still shop for porcelain, silver objects, tea, souvenirs, and other Chinese products. Go on weekdays to avoid the heavy weekend crowds.

Cruise in the Lessor Three Gorges

Lessor Three Gorges: Cooler and less rainy weather makes a half-day cruise in these gorges more enjoyable.

See the Chongqing Zoo

Chongqing Zoo has a fine group of pandas and other indigenous creatures not found in most other zoos around the world. There are cuddly big black and white ones and lesser known red ones that are cat-like and playful. There are also bears with yellow heads and rare breeds of tigers found in east Asia.

Touring Chongqing in September

Peak Tourist Season

panda at Chongqing zooPanda at Chongqing Zoo

September and October is the peak travel season due to the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays (first six days of October).

The Mid-Autumn Festival is in September two out of three years. Tickets and hotel rooms are hard to book. China Highlights can help you reserve these at a discount.

Chongqing has 72-hour visa free visits. This means you can tour the large city region without a visa and save money and time.

Chongqing/Yangtze Tours

7-Day Famous Chinese Rivers Cruise: Cruise the Yangtze, see Chongqing and the pandas at the zoo, and cruise the Li River with its amazing scenery. Modify this tour as you wish.

Yangtze Gold Cruises: These newest luxury liners have useful hi-tech facilities.

See our full spectrum of tours or design your own tour of Chongqing.

Chongqing Climate Information by Month

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