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Dreaming of Cats: Kittens, Black, White, Multiple...

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Dec. 7, 2023

Have you ever had cats in your dreams?
Are you curious about the meaning and symbolism behind cats in dreams?
You may have come across different interpretations of dreaming about cats on the Internet. However, dreams are connected to your subconsciousness and are therefore complicated to interpret. They are not a foregone conclusion, so another type of interpretation may help...

Here, we will explore the meaning of dreaming about cats according to the book "Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams"(Zhōu Gōng Jiě Mèng 周公解梦) in Chinese dream theory. We will discuss various specific forms of cats in dreams...

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General Meanings of Dreaming about Cats

Cat In Dream Meaning

According to Eastern tradition, dreaming of a cat is usually a good thing.

Cats often appear in our subconscious world. According to Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams, cats in dreams often symbolize a certain characteristic of a person or a certain person, often a woman. In a dream, a cat often feels gentle and a bit cunning.

Dreaming of a cat could mean that you will get unexpected responses or find some surprising behaviors in one of your relationships in the next two days. It is best to keep your mind flexible to face them. In such an unusual atmosphere, there are some strange and unpredictable actions and relationships that deviate from social conventions, and these can make you emotionally vulnerable.

Dreaming of many cats means that when you establish your work or financial management goals, you can implement them step by step. You do not need to be quick or greedy. You can do it without problems. Just keep calm and focus on handling everything, then you will be satisfied with your work.

Dream Meanings for Colored Cats in Dreams

Dreaming of a black cat indicates that your luck is bad in the near future and that bad things will happen, but do not take it too seriously. Let everything go with the flow, and avoid serious negative emotions, as that will make things more difficult.

Dreaming of a white cat means that an entanglement that seems harmless will eventually damage your property and you will feel sad.

Dreaming of a yellow cat indicates days of confusion. These days, coincidences easily influence you. Often due to wild guesses, it is impossible to do things at hand correctly. It is recommended that you get more physical exercise to help you return to a normal state of mind.

Dreaming of a gray cat means that in the next two days, you can allow yourself to dress in a more relaxed and leisurely way. As long as you don't do it too casually, this little change will give others a new feel.

Dreaming of multicolored cats indicates that you may be distracted and not in a suitable state of mind for things that require careful consideration, especially important negotiations and signing contracts.

Meanings for Dreaming of Cats

Meanings of Dreams of Kittens or Small Cats

Dreaming of (newborn) kittens indicates that your relationship with others will be very good in the near future. If there is any problem between them, both parties will solve it quickly. In your career, you will receive help from noble people and you should treat people who help you sincerely. Also, considering the long term in your career, if you work together, your career can be successful.

Dreaming of small cats indicates that you have many thoughts and you feel insecure. You are sensitive to the people around you and things around you. You will be aware of the slightest disturbance and your work will be easily affected. Just do your thing; don't think too much. If you have any concerns or pressure, you can reach out to your parents or your partner, which will quickly relieve your stress.

Meanings for Dreams of Sick Cats or Dead Cats

Dreaming of a sick cat means that, when you are doing things in the coming day, you will be in conflict with the rules and regulations that stop you doing what you want. You will have doubts about proceeding. But the rules are not usually something that a person can change in a single moment. After venting your emotions, it is better to think about how to avoid breaking the rules. Acting out of love may lead to emotion-driven actions, so you should always remind yourself of restraint.

Dreaming of dead cats indicates a recent decline of fortune, and there will be many annoying things that will bother you. At the same time, it also shows that you have been a bit depressed recently and that you may be obsessed with some things and cannot get rid of their influence.

Meanings of Dreams of Cats with Mice/Dogs

Dreaming of mice and cats reminds you to be especially careful about theft.

If a cat and a mouse are close in your dream, it is very unfortunate. It often implies that the dreamer has failed to fulfill his duties, is suspected of breach of duty, violation of discipline, and fraud.

Dreaming of cats and dogs is good if you dream of cats and dogs living in harmony. It indicates that you will make friends with people who you had a bad relationship with previously. If you dream of cat and dog fights it indicates that your recent misunderstanding with others will gradually disappear, which is a good sign.

Meanings for Dreams of Cat Attacks

Dreaming of aggressive cats indicates that disaster is imminent, and it may fall on your head or on the head of a person protected by you.

Dreaming that a cat bites you means that in real life you have to be careful of villains. They may have power to defame your reputation and cause the loss of your property.

Dreaming that a cat bites your hand indicates that competitors, enemies, or even friends will hurt you.

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