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Dreaming About Pregnancy — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Dreaming About Pregnancy — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Oct. 30, 2023

Most Chinese people (traditionally) choose to marry and have children to continue the family line/legacy. Since ancient times, after marriage, people have thought about entering the stage of pregnancy, and during this period, they sometimes dream of pregnancy. 

Dreams can have a certain predictive quality. What does it mean to dream about pregnancy? Is it good or bad? Let's take a look at Chinese dream theory!

Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

'Zhou Duke Interprets Dreams' (周公解梦Zhou Gong Jie Meng) is the classic Chinese text that is the basis of most traditional Chinese dream interpretation theory. It's traditionally attributed to the Duke of Zhou (reign 1042–1035 BC), revered as the 'God of Dreams' and the 'First Sage'.

General Meanings for Dreams of Pregnancy

Dreaming about pregnancy has different meanings according to different dreams, according to Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams. Under normal circumstances, people who love to dream of pregnancy or dream of having a child are mostly pregnant or married women who want to have children in their lives. 

But this is not necessarily true. There are many more dreamers dreaming such dreams than we'd imagine. "Pregnancy dreamers" may be children, single women, the elderly, or even men...

If you dream of being pregnant, apart from indicating an actual pregnancy, it usually implies that you have to go through a long waiting time to complete a plan: it may imply that there is a "pregnant" situation around you. For example, you may discover a new potential or relationship that needs time to gestate. 

Dream Meanings for Various Types of Pregnancy

Dreaming that you are pregnant with a girl indicates that your recent fortune is very good, friends trust you a lot, and soon you will receive good news of the things you are waiting for.

Dreaming of a twin pregnancy represents desire and harvest. The "twins" in dreams usually represent your love, job, career, family, etc. goals. So for people who are pursuing a goal, twin pregnancy dreams show the goal and its achievement.

Dreaming of giving birth symbolizes "new life" and "hope" and indicates that your spiritual world or personal life will have a new development.

Dreaming of an unwanted pregnancy means that you have good opportunities in your career, maybe job changes or new job opportunities, but your own work capacity is deficient. It could also mean you are settled in your current position, so you do not want a change in your career. It often shows up unhappiness because you are too demanding of yourself in your career.

Meanings for Dreams of Various People Being Pregnant

Dreaming that you are pregnant indicates good fortune in the near future, a happy life, and an increase in wealth. Potential capacity can also be used, which is a good sign.

Dreaming that your girlfriend is pregnant indicates that the current bad days will pass and good days will come. It also indicates that your physical condition is good, and you can work harder to improve your personal performance.

To dream that your wife is pregnant could indicate that you are about to receive unexpected money.

To dream that your sister is pregnant could indicate that your wealth destiny is good and that your job or career will enter a new level in the near future, which is a good and lucky sign.

To dream that your mother is pregnant indicates that your life will be very happy and you will live a life without worries. Your fortune is very good currently, and someone will give you what you have always wanted.

To dream that your daughter is pregnant indicates that your life will be happier and more carefree. You can face life with a positive and optimistic attitude.

To dream that a friend is pregnant is a good sign, maybe because your friend is actually pregnant or will be soon. It could also mean that you value this friend, or sincerely hope that your friend will have a baby in the future.

To dream that someone you know is pregnant could mean that you (subconsciously) realize that someone has changed. It may be that person's words and actions, or thoughts and opinions, have started to be different from before. For example, they may have matured.

Dreaming of an unknown pregnant woman, for men, generally indicates that things are going well and there is good fortune in the air. A single woman dreaming of a pregnant woman can indicate that it is difficult to find a partner, or, even if she is married, that marital problems may be about to occur.

Meanings for Dreams of News of a Pregnancy

Dreaming about a pregnancy test could mean that you have many problems in your life, and you have to solve them yourself, which is why you feel very tired (like being pregnant).

Dreaming that you are told that you are pregnant could indicate that your recent professional performance will be appreciated by your leader and you could be promoted. Or, in terms of wealth, it could mean your personal investment projects will be profitable.

To dream that a pregnancy is predicted to you can mean that you have a plan in progress and that you have not given up yet.

Luck and Fengshui for Those Dreaming about Pregnancy

  • Love rating: 97%
  • Wealth index: 80%
  • Health index: 74%
  • Success rate: 70%
  • Good luck color: yellow
  • Favorable orientation: southeast
  • Suitable activities: praying for money, worshiping a god, cleaning a house
  • Taboos: funerals, changing graves

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