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Dreaming About Rats/Mice — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Dreaming About Rats/Mice — Dream Meanings (Chinese Theory)

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Aug. 23, 2021

The Chinese impression is that rats are cunning, dirty, and smart. Chinese people both love and hate rats. Note that rats and mice are the same thing in Chinese thinking. They even have the same Chinese name (鼠shu). So, everything here about rat dreams also refers to mouse dreams.

The Rat is a very cunning animal archetype or mythical character in Chinese traditions. The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, and “deceitful” 2020 was a year of the Rat

Some people they think of infectious diseases when they think of rats, because the Black Death caused millions of deaths, etc. If one day a rats come into your dreams, what does it indicate? Is it good or bad? Let's take a look at the meanings of dreaming about rats according to Chinese dream theory!

Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

'Zhou Duke Interprets Dreams' (周公解梦Zhou Gong Jie Meng) is the classic Chinese text that is the basis of most traditional Chinese dream interpretation theory. It's traditionally attributed to the Duke of Zhou (reign 1042–1035 BC), revered as the 'God of Dreams' and the 'First Sage'.

General Meanings of Dreams about Rats

Usually, according to Duke of Wen Interprets Dreams, a rat dream means bad luck/circumstances, but sometimes it can mean good luck, in the right form.

Rats live in the dark, and they mostly come out at night. Dreaming of a rat indicates that you can be secretly hurt by others or they will damage your interests. 

Alternatively, it means that the dark side of our heart appears. At this point, we must actively reflect on ourselves and adjust if we have been too negatively influenced recently.

Dream Meanings for Colored Rats in Dreams

Dreaming of black rats means that everything will going well for you that day and you will have good luck. You can try to realize your long-awaited desires. Maybe it will be the day your dreams come true.

Dreaming of white rats (mice) indicates that your current fortunes are very good. Remember to take care of others so that your good luck lasts longer.

Dreaming of gray rats, however, indicates that your affairs may be stagnant, which is making you feel depressed. Dreams of gray things indicate that your mind is full of contradictions and confusion. You should consult with your partner or trusted friends to find a solution.

Dream Meanings regarding Other Types of Rats

Dreaming of big rats indicates that someone will deceive you or that your neighbors will hurt you. This dream also indicates that there will be a fight between you and your friends.

Dreaming of small rats means you will work very hard in your career, leading to improvements, or that you have a sense of responsibility in your love relationship, so your relationship will improve a little. If you want to improve your relationship in a shorter period of time, you don't argue over small matters.

Dreaming of dead rats means that your luck will be very good, things will go well, you will defeat your opponents, and your wealth or income will increase.

Dreaming of lively rats means that you are very interested in fun things, for example where a special restaurant opens, what new projects have been added to the amusement park, what special routes a travel agency has launched, etc., and this content will get your attention. If your lively rat dream refers to dating relationships, both parties should tackle their own problems in order to get along.

Dreaming of baby rats indicates that your fortunes are not good for the near future. The power of your enemy will increase day by day and you will encounter disasters or misfortunes.

Dreaming of many rats means that in the near future you may be in constant trouble, mired in all kinds of problems, and there will still be more problems one after another.

Meanings of Dreams about Rats in Various Contexts

Dreaming of rats in a bed means that in the next two days, you will be quite vain and have little resistance to praise from others. Therefore, in the following two days, you will often find yourself serving the people who praise you and you will be willing to serve them. Even though you know their intentions, you just can't resist their praise! You may have a slight problem that arises because of this.

Dreaming of rats and cats means that you can enjoy the happiness of life. You will be very happy at this time, but you must face reality, rather than being divorced from it, and judge whether your current happiness is just an illusion.

Dreaming of rats in the house indicates that you will be in a difficult situation in the near future. It is recommended that you have enough courage and perseverance to overcome problems, and then you will be able to get out of the difficulties soon. But be careful not to worry about other people's business, and focus on improving your own skills.

Dreaming of rat poop is a symbol of good luck and indicates that fortune will come to you.

Meanings of Dreams about Rats Biting/Running

To dream that a rat bites you means that there are destined to be some mistakes, even some crises, in your work, but you can still think of good ways to solve these problems, or you can plan ahead to prevent them.

Dreaming of rats running away means that things that did not go well in the last few days, but will gradually be resolved in the next two days. The key is to have a harmonious relationship with others. Respect for the opinions of others will resolve many potential disputes for you, especially the opinions of women. During a date with a potential girlfriend (or potential boyfriend) you can invite her (his) friends too, and their conversation will allow you to understand another side of her (him).

To dream of running rats means living expenses will increase in the coming days, and if you do not pay attention to frugality, you will be very much in debt. Make reasonable arrangements for living expenses, otherwise your money will "spill out" like running rats.

Meanings of Dreams about Catching/Killing Rats

To dream that a cat is catching rat is a good thing, and it means that the things that you are worrying about recently will be resolved. You do not have to solve them by yourself: someone will help you.

Dreaming of catching a rat means that your recent interpersonal relationships are bad, and bad people may appear among your friends. Therefore, when you dream of catching a rat, you should reflect on yourself and check your circle of friends to see if there is any threat.

Dreaming of killing rats means that you will defeat your opponents and your wealth or income will increase.

Psychological Tips for Those Dreaming about Rats

After dreaming of rats, it will be easy to be blamed for playing too much. When the moment of excitement has passed, you still have to deal with things that have not been handled well before.

Decreased work/academic performance, the discovery of carelessly made mistakes, or the impression of an unstable handling of things, may cause you to miss out on your opportunities. It will be easy to find your problems in the two days after dreaming of a rat or rats. It is time to solve your remaining problems in readiness for a new stage of life to arrive!

Luck and Fengshuifor ThoseDreaming about Rats

  • Love rating: 95%
  • Wealth index: 76%
  • Health index: 88%
  • Success rate: 77%
  • Good luck color: red
  • Favorable orientation: south
  • Suitable activities: installing the bed of newlyweds or repositioning an old bed
  • Taboos: cleaning your house, opening a new store

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